InterGalactic Roundtable 2.10: Stop to Smell the Rosie

MOXARGON- Greetings puny Earthlings and welcome to another edition of The MoxArgon Group. I am joined, as usual, by our regular panelists space pirate, columnist, author, and critic: Xran the Fleshrender, columnist, author critic, and donut connoisseur: Varos Quasar and columnist, author, critic, and critic: Android CAI/7. Welcome everybody.

XRAN- Good day.

VAROS- Nice to be here.

ANDROID CAI/7- It is agreeable to be here.

MOXARGON- First issue. Rosie O'Donnell has quit her spot on daytime gab-fest The View after a blow up with co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck where the normally passive blonde actually fought back, demanding that Rosie defend her insinuations. What do you think?

XRAN- I'm still recovering from the fact that Barbra Walters, a woman who supposedly has a scintilla of common sense would hire a co-host who does 9/11 conspiracy theories as her warm-up to the show.

VAROS- I think Hasselbeck was being horribly cruel to poor Rosie. Here is poor little Rosie O'Donnell being bullied by the vicious and all powerful media titan Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

ANDROID CAI/7- Have you been consuming psychotropic substances Varos?


ANDROID CAI/7- Is Varos high?

MOXARGON- Nope, his test was clean this morning, so he's like this normally, and he does have a point.

XRAN- Now I have to ask: Are you high Remmy?

MOXARGON- Only on Tiburian beer. What I was attempting to say is that Varos pretty much encapsulates how Rosie is going to spin her departure from The View. She's going to play the 'poor lesbian victim censored by the evil Christian Elizabeth' card, and a lot of her New York-Hollywood limo-lefty buddies are going to buy it. Mark my words, she's going to have her own show sooner than you think, because the moonbats rule the roost in La-La Land. It is the town where Gene Simmons is a voice of reason. That shows how low it has gone.

XRAN- Probably. I get the feeling that Rosie has something more going on in that snake-pit of a noggin than the depression she publicly claims. She is a dangerous combination of narcissism and self-loathing. Her narcissism makes her aim her self-hatred outward at the country that allowed someone like her to be a celebrity and the current symbol of that country, President George W. Bush.

ANDROID CAI/7- I agree. I also say that if she does not have George W. Bush as a target to vent her loathing, she may just turn it back on herself.

VAROS- Being right about everything is very pressing on a person.

MOXARGON- As much as I find her public statements and bullying tactics disgusting, I do find Rosie more of a figure to be pitied than hated. And since, as an alien conqueror, I don't really feel pity, let's move onto the next topic: John Edwards, the man who believes in "2 Americas" and his wife doesn't care for seeing the 2nd America from the window of her personal spa, declared that the war on terror is just a bumper-sticker slogan to justify what he considers "Bush's foreign adventurism."

XRAN- Edwards' new campaign slogan going to be: Edwards- As Incoherent As Jimmy Carter, But Prettier.

VAROS- I think it should be: Edwards- Right As Rosie.

ANDROID CAI/7- I do not think that I could possibly top that one for sheer satirical weight.

VAROS- What satire?

MOXARGON- Let's move on, the mere thought of that vacuous pretty boy like Edwards is even in the bottom of the top three of the Democratic candidate shows the dreadful state of political thought in that party.

XRAN- Don't forget that the top two Democratic candidates voted against funding the military in the middle of a war just to please their Soros/Kos masters.

VAROS- What's wrong with pleasing George Soros, he's only got the best interests of the world at heart.

MOXARGON- You gotta stop saying stuff like that Varos. You're cracking me up and this is not a laughing matter. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Pretty-Boy Edwards show that the only thing they care about is getting power. They don't care about the war, the people fighting it, or the country as a whole. They'd set themselves on fire if they thought it could get them another vote from their radical or big money masters. That is not a party that's mature enough to have power of any kind.

VAROS- I don't think the Democrats are the only flakes. Ron Paul is running as a Republican.

MOXARGON- And he's viewed by 99% of Republicans as a total flake-job and is treated as such. If he ran as a Democrat, he'd be in the top 4 list of candidates instead of staining the bottom of the barrel. That's the truth. Now, let's call it a day for now. I'd like to thank our new readers, courtest of Nice Doggie, for coming, and to tell them to keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Sekhmet said...

"Edwards-Right as Rosie"

Oooh, I like that one. 2008 should be....interesting.

irish19 said...

What a great bumper sticker or t-shirt that would make.