A Time 4 Tanks.

I was supposed to THANK some people for linking to our humble little blog and send them a nice present, but one of my minions misread it, so now instead of getting THANKS they will be getting TANKS.

So a squadron of lovely V-76 Razorback* class hovertanks, with bucket seats (for 3), MP3 player, air conditioning, two class-3 blaster cannons and Star-Viper plasma missiles with DNA tracking sensors are on there way to...

NICE DOGGIE: home of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler has been nice enough to offer us membership in their Rottweilerian Empire of Unbridled Hegemonic Overlordery. I guess it's some cute little human club where various people plot world domination, not knowing that their doom at the hands of my vast intergalactic empire is on its way.

I'd also like to tank...

DR. SANITY: Who has included us in her weekly Carnival of the Insanities again. Thanks Doc.

Well, your tanks are on their way. Play safe, and don't blow up anyone who doesn't deserve blowing up.

*Razorback Tanks, courtesy of Gorvac Armour Inc. of Flokia Prime.
"When you absolutely, positively need to kill an entire city, call Gorvac."

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Anonymous said...

I've added you among the Dumb Oxen--great and hilarious. Ah'll be baack.