News of the Earth #2

1. Socialist candidate Segolene Royal lost her bid to become the first female President of France, losing out to Nicholas Sarkozy, the first French leader since Napoleon whose family wasn't from France.

Personally, I thought her campaign was getting a little desperate like when she started scare-mongering about 'violence' if Sarkozy won, and this ad campaign which tried to capitalize on her looks...

That was just plain tacky.

Tacky, tacky, tacky.

2. Sheryl "1 Square" Crow declared that humanity had reached the 'height of arrogance' by not acknowledging that the climate was changing. Perhaps someone should have told Ms. Crow that it's the height of arrogance to think that puny little creatures like Earthlings could truly effect the climate of a system so vast as an Membok-class planet, while believing at the same time that something as powerful as an Order-76(Empok) star can't.

Silly, silly, silly.

3. Paris Hilton is getting locked up for violating her probation. I consulted with Koos-Koos, the Time-Seer, and he predicts a sudden drop in VD rates in the Los Angeles area.

I don't know what that has to do with this case. Koos-Koos can go off on weird tangents sometimes.

Strange, strange, strange.


Rogue said...
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Rogue said...

I think Royal is a dog...her eyes are too close together and she's got a nasty grill when she speaks.

Perhaps alien eyes find these out of proportion attributes attractive. If so, just wait until you see the size of Hillary's ass.

Keith Burgin said...

Okay, I'm hooked. Good stuff. Snotglob rocks.