Need to know exactly what kind of conservative you really are?

Then take THIS TEST!

It's that easy.

Do it now, and tell us what you have and be sure to post your results of this 100% accurate test on your own blog.


B.C. said...

I'm a "Reagan Con". Whodathunkit?

Thomas Smith said...

Reagan COnservative

RT said...

one hundred percent "Reagan Con!" Yee haaa! I miss the '80s.

Sekhmet said...

Reagan-con meself.

Remulak MoxArgon said...


No Libertarians, Evangelicals, or Log Cabins?

We have a very narrow readership.

rachel said...

Great, Log Cabin.

Just because lesbians hit on me doesn't mean I am one.

Remulak MoxArgon said...

The test is never wrong.

RT said...

HA! At least I don't have that problem. Thank God!

Carola said...

Token Libertarian here.

jpm100 said...

Libertarian 100%
Reagan Con 92%
Evangeli-Con 67%
Log Cabin-Con 50%
Paleo-Con 42%
Neo-Con 33%

Hmmm.... Would have though Reagan Con over Libertarian