Take this test NOW!

Are you a liberal, but don't know what kind of liberal you are?

Then you need to take THIS TEST.

Select which statements you agree or disagree with and it will tell you exactly what kind of liberal you really are.

Tell your friends about it and have them take the test.

Love the test.

But above all, DO THE TEST!



irish19 said...

I appear to be a neo-con.

Antoher neocon said...

The test has some trick questions: "I fully understand Noam Chomsky". Well, I understand Chomsky (and Gore, Moore, etc.) all right, if you know what I mean.

Carola said...

I'm a neo-con. No big surprise there.

Sekhmet said...

Well, Hitchens needs to toss me a leisure suit, pour me a bourbon and scoot over, I'm a neo-con. No surprise there.

Thomas Smith said...

I tried to take the test but was too lethargic to finish, so I'll never know what kind of liberal I am. Although they're usually too lazy to vote, so that might make me an "Average" liberal

Thomas Smith said...

Wow. Finished the test this time and scored 100% Neocon, 10% Hollywood Liberal and 5% Hippy Dippy. with 0% for all other categories. Thank God.