You've been had! Part Deux

Greetings Puny Earthlings.

I've deigned to communicate with you today to talk about another group of Earthlings who have been had, flim-flammed, conned, cheated, scammed, and duped.

I'm talking about the Palestinians.

They've been getting the royal screw job for something like 3 generations or more and it hasn't been by the Israelis.

They've been getting screwed by their Arab brethren.

How else can you explain why they were asked to leave what became Israel so their brothers in the rest of the Arab world drove the Jews into the sea.

Sadly that failed.

Several times.

So instead of accepting the existence of Israel by right of conquest and possession, which is the basis of the Arab claim, the Arab nations keep the Palestinians trapped in refugee camps.

And that's another scam.

Those are not 'camps.'

As soon as a place has a concrete building that goes above one story, it is no longer a 'camp' it is a 'town.' Or, to be more accurate in the case of the Palestinians, a 'ghetto.'

Arab nations keep Palestinians trapped in these ghettos where they're kept poor, miserable, and are fed a steady diet of hatred and vitriol against the Jews of Israel. Where they are taught that the only purpose to their existence is to kill and die for Arab brothers who wouldn't give them the steam off their pee.

And look at what that hath wrought.

Palestinians are now the most dysfunctional people on Earth. The most minor political disagreements now end in massacre and blood feuds. Where they were once welcome everywhere in the Arab world, they are now spurned as you would spurn a rabid animal.

Of course the Palestinians aren't completely innocent.

They willfully chose to believe the lies, because it made them forget about being scammed into giving up their homes by the Arab states. A sizable chunk of Israel's population is Arab and Muslim, and they live peacefully and freely as citizens of the most successful state in the Middle East.

Palestinians also chose to follow leaders whose sole contribution to the realm of creativity is the airline hijacking.

Leaders who are now slaughtering each other in the streets for the rights to rape and loot the Palestinian people.

Leaders who reject all sincere peace settlements with unreasonable demands and bad faith negotiations.

Leaders who leave Palestinian children to literally drown in tsunamis of raw sewage because the pipes were stolen to make rockets to kill Israeli children and perpetuate a bloody conflict.

A conflict that only serves to kill more people for the sake of killing more people so the dysfunctional Arab dictatorships can cling to power by feeding off people's hatreds.

And don't get me started on the Palestinians co-dependent enablers in the Western World. They believe the lies of Palestinian dictators and their minions and goad even more Palestinians to murder and die in order to justify their own Antisemitism.

I think the story that most illustrates the whole irrational nature of Palestinian beliefs is that when they're injured they are helped by Israeli hospitals, and then they return to blow up the hospitals.

That's all for now, so keep watching the skies because we're watching you.

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