WTF?: The Money Shot

This little blog's been getting a spike in visits lately, and I did a little checking to see what was bringing in the visitors.

Was it our pithy, and always pointed commentary?


Was it my raw sex appeal?


Were we linked by a bigger blog?

Not this time.

It turns out people were looking for this...
Yep. It's a picture of a stack of money.

Hundreds of people coming to this site to see, not a picture of a comely lass like...
Sexy sci-fi siren Billie Piper
(cheap excuse for cheesecake alert)

but a picture of...

So let's all sing along....

I've got ninety thousand pounds in my pyjamas,
I've got forty thousand french francs in my fridge.
I've got lost of lovely lire,
Now the Deutschemark's getting dearer,
And my dollar bills would buy the Brooklyn Bridge.Chorus:
There is nothing quite as wonderful as money,

There is nothing quite as beautiful as cash.
Some people say it's folly,
But I'd rather have the lolly,
With money you can ma-ake a splash.Finale: There is nothing quite wonderful as money,
There is nothing like a newly minted pound,
Everyone must hanker for the butchness of a banker,

It's accountancy that makes the world go round.

You can keep your Marxist ways
For it's only just a phase.
For it's money money money makes the world go round.


Hat tip to Eric Idle and Monty Python.

Goes to show that you don't need intelligent discussion of important issues to boost your visit stats, you just need a picture people want.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you....


Chris said...

Damn. Keep that picture of Rose, I mean Billie, and I'll be here a couple times a day.

Martha is good, but is no Rose Tyler...

Rogue said...

Gotta watch those teeth though Billie.

Wyatt Earp said...

Cripes, get decent hits, and I'm functionally illiterate and can't slpel. Um, "spell."

God bless you, Spell Check!

Fiar said...

Spike's over. Climb in the blue foam rubber costume and post something already, Canadian.