R-E-S-P-E-C-T Tell you what it means to me...

Greeting puny Earthlings.

There's a lot of people on your planet that like to bandy about a certain word. In fact they do it so much, that the word loses all meaning.

That word is: Respect.

Western Earthlings are constantly being lectured about how they must 'respect' the beliefs, attitudes, and even the prejudices of others, as long as they fit a narrow political correct window.

Well, I'm sorry, I just can't dish out respect like ice cream at a Protestant church social. It's like a serious case of whoop-ass, if you want any from me, you gotta do something to earn it.

There's been a lot of chatter as well about a Pace U student with a name I'm not even going to attempt to spell tossing a Koran into a toilet as an act of protest. He is now being charged with a 'hate crime' after the Muslim Students Association, and everyone's fave un-indicted Hamas co-conspirator CAIR raised hell and screamed bloody murder.

They demanded respect.

But what did they do to earn it?

Did they try to figure why this fellow felt that tossing a Koran into a toilet was a necessary act of protest?

Did they consider the fact that thousands of people the world over are murdered every year in the name Islam, most of them fellow Muslims, and how that may have affected the young man's mindset?

Did they do anything to stem the tide of deranged violence that makes people the world over associated the words "Islam" and "Koran" with unmitigated and usually unprovoked slaughter?


They just slapped it into their Islamophobia file and demanded that he be imprisoned for not showing them the proper "respect." And if they don't get him locked up, they whip out the old "you have insulted 1.5 billion Muslims" stratagem and its more than implied hint of terrorist violence.

Here's a little tip.

If you need the threat of prison, or terrorist violence to gain what you think of as respect, you don't deserve respect.

Nor will you get it.

Real respect comes from the admiration of constructive accomplishments, and positive contributions to society through the arts, sciences, heroism, or some combination of the three.

The false respect derived from threats of prison terms and suicide bombings is nothing more than simple butt-kissing out of fear. And if you want that, you are a sad pathetic little excuse for a culture.

Trust me, I know both really well. I conquer galaxies and the planets within them for a living, and at first, my freshly conquered subjects give me that false fear-based pseudo-respect, a lot of "Oh mighty MoxArgon" and crap like that, but once the opening slaughter of their ruling elite is over and they get to know me, and my empire, I start to earn real respect.


Because I make life better on every planet I conquer.

Then the quaver of fear leaves their voices when they greet me, and they come to realize that I'm a positive force in the Universe and then they start to really respect me.

I do also find it interesting that the very same people who are standing beside the Islamists in demanding the Pace U student's head for 'disrespecting' a religion are the same people who shit kittens over people not wanting taxpayer's money used to promote crucifixes in jars of urine, or Virgin Mary's made of cattle dung. If they had any real testicular fortitude, they'd be rising to the Pace student's defense, because if it isn't a crime against Christian symbols, it ain't a crime against Islamic ones either.

Now I'd like to present a list of people who have done nothing to earn my respect:

-DEMOCRATS: They willfully ignore the threat Islamist radicals present to world peace, but will stop at nothing, including paralyzing the US government, and hampering the war effort, to appease their hedge-fund/media/nutroots base by holding their own congressional show-trials of administration officials in the vain quest to criminalize executive power. They do not deserve respect.

-REPUBLICANS: Their behaviour in congress over several key issues, like immigration and the war effort show a level of craven cowardice unseen since Caligula's horse stood in the Roman Senate. They do not deserve respect, but they can earn it by dumping the chickenhearted and corrupt incumbents and replace them with fresh blood that is willing to fight for what they believe to be right, not for what will earn them a ten second puff-job on CNN.

-THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: Their behaviour in over-hyping non-stories and manufacturing outright fictions, while ignoring real events for the sole purpose of helping the Democrats can only be described one way: disgusting. They do not deserve respect.

-THE POLITICAL LEFT: They do not deserve respect because they do not respect anything that might hinder them from obtaining and keeping political power. They claim to hold certain things as near and dear to them, yet discard them as easily as you would swat a fly, in order to make common cause with an enemy that would slit their throats for fun. They do not deserve respect.

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Damian G. said...

Shouldn't you have saved yourself the trouble and lumped Democrats, the MSM and the Left into one paragraph?