An Android Among The Stars #14: Because Hollywood CAIRs.

Greetings semi-sentient organic life forms of Earth.

I have returned from my brief recharge to bring you more news from your over-hyped and over-exposed Hollywood media circus.
Although this is a change of pace from the usual litany of talentless Hollywood starlets stumbling out of rehabilitation centres in a chemically induced haze and into jail cells. I wish to take a moment to discuss a serious matter. It appears that the normally feisty Weinstein Brothers are having the script to one of their upcoming box-office failures rewritten in order to remove a scene about an Iranian father murdering his daughter in a so-called 'honour killing.' This was done under pressure from an Iranian American 'human rights group' and the Council of American Islamic Relations or CAIR.

Now why did the Weinsteins, who normally brook no interference with their studio, do this?

Was it because of CAIR's large membership and commercial clout?

No. CAIR has only around 1,700 members, only the media believes them to be the voice of America's Muslim community.

Was it because honour killings are just a racist my

No. Honour killings are quite common in Islamic count
ries and are reaching epidemic proportions among Western Europe's increasingly radicalized Islamic enclaves. Every day young women are being murdered or maimed in the name of family honour, while many wish it was a myth, it is a reality.

Was it out of a desire to not offend anyone?

No. There are reports that the upcoming film will contain segments that would be considered offensive to Christians and Jews, so it's obvious that the Weinsteins don't mind offending some people.

So why?

The answer is simple.

Theo Van Gogh
If you do not recall the case, he was a Dutch filmmaker who was brutally murdered by an Islamist extremist for making a film that offended Muslims.

The Weinstein Bros are like most Hollywood liberals, essentially spineless,
they won't endanger themselves for their art, and they know that insulting and degrading Christians and Jews will still allow them to keep their mantle as "edgy" filmmakers without courting any real danger. Christians and Jews don't normally slit throats over movies.

However, offending Muslims carries the real threat of violence and murder, look at the global body counts racked up in the Islamic world over films, books, and even cartoons.

And that's the real insult to America's Muslims.

CAIR claims that its tactics, a mix of threatened litigation coupled with the implied threat of terrorism, is to prevent a "backlash" against the American Muslim community, while they know full well that the opposite is true.

CAIR and its
brethren crave a real violent backlash, something a little more drastic than the usual petty vandalism and the occasional stink bomb committed by dimwitted thugs. They want to neuter any attempts America makes to secure itself, while at the same time promoting the stereotype of the enraged and offended Muslim.

Nothing would make CAIR happier than to see Islamic blood flowing on American streets, because it would allow them radicalize America's predominantly moderate Muslim population and bring them under its Wahhabiist thumb.

If America's Muslim population truly wants to survive, because if there is one thing Earth's history has taught us, is that when the Western World dishes out a backlash, it is truly a horrific event, they must break the hold groups like CAIR hold on the public imagination. They must take back their voice, and they should demand that the script be restored to its original form.

Sure, it will still be the sort of nonsensical liberal
claptrap that's been costing the Weinstein Company's investors hundreds of millions of dollars, but at least it won't be censored by thugs.

Because the only thing that can prevent CAIR's backlash is real, open, and honest discussion about Islam and its role in the world. Which is exactly what CAIR doesn't want. Isn't that enough reason to demand it?


ADDENDUM: Remulak has ordered me to acquiesce to "popular" demand and post another picture of a woman named Billie Piper. Since I find the whole practice of jumping at any weak excuse to post what Remulak calls "cheesecake" illogical when you are supposed to be discussing real issues, I will post a picture Remulak does not like.He says it looks "too photoshopped" which is some sort of aesthetic judgement best left to organics.


Muslihoon said...

A very accurate and honest appraisal of CAIR. They are dominated by extremist Islamists who care not about us and care all about their Islamist cause. Indeed, I would suspect most (if not all) CAIR members would identify as "Muslim" solely above and beyond "American".

CAIR teaches its members to expertly use *our* values and *our* terminology and *our* principles to advance their agendas; they do not believe in any of the values or standards they invoke.

That they are taken seriously alarms me to no end.

Anonymous said...