The Leftist Mind: You Are So Gay!

Greetings puny Earthlings, it's your future Lord & Master Remulak MoxArgon here with a few more thoughts on The Leftist Mind.

Recently News Maven Matt Drudge ran a story about Daily Kos' life book-writing partner getting turkey-slapped with a $30G fine by the SEC for an unethical stock thingamabob.

How did the Daily Kos react to this exposure of high finance shenanigans, supposedly the life's blood of liberal journalism?

One diarist said that Matt Drudge was a homosexual.


Now I could be a smart-ass and say that it's all a case of "methinks he doth protesteth too mucheth," and rename the site the Gaily Kos, but I won't.

Because unlike them, I'm not a neurotic homophobe.

You see the Leftist Mind is one of inverse values and beliefs, look at my previous post for some evidence, and you can be pretty sure that whatever they claim to be for is the exact opposite of what they really believe.

They claim to value life, yet support abortion on demand, regardless of the alternatives that exist.

They claim to hold all races as equal, yet their programs keep ethnic and racial minorities held down as perpetual "victims" and treat them in a patronizing and insulting manner.

They claim to support women's rights, but outside of abortion are unwilling to do or say anything against rape, forced marriage, female genital mutilation, and the abuse virtual slavery of women in Islamist fundamentalist societies.

They claim to support democracy and its values, yet continually coddle and support homicidal dictatorships while slamming democratic nations who try to spread liberty.

They claim to support freedom of speech, but yearn for the power to censor all speech they don't agree with.

They claim to fight prejudice, but don't ask for their help if you're an oppressed Christian.

And finally...

They claim to support the rights of homosexuals to live free and easy lives, yet if you criticize them, they will accuse you of being gay and then say that it disqualifies you from doing your job.

But why?

Are they raging homophobic hypocritical nut-jobs?

Are they afraid of anyone challenging their ideas and positions with reasoned debate and facts?

The answer is a little of column A and a little of column B.

They believe that all dissent from the Political Leftist Mindset must be crushed. And since most still cling to prejudices they claim to stand against, homophobia is a fave smear tactic of choice.

"You don't agree with me! You're gay!"

"You bring up my wrongdoings! You're gay!"

You accuse people who disagree with you of being gay, you're a fascist.

And by request here's some more Billie Piper...

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you, and we're definitely watching her....


irish19 said...

Masterfully put. Oh, and MUCH more Billie Piper.

Sekhmet said...

That's what's so funny. As long as everybody's consenting, most of the dextrosphere couldn't care less how Matt Drudge likes it in bed.

Oh, and I'll volunteer to be gay, if I get Billie Piper.

Redneck Chris said...

Dang Remulak, that picture of Billie is better than the other one. Now, I am a big man and will admit that I cried when she was saying her good-bye's to the Doctor on the shores of Bad Wolf Lake. I mean, it was real sad. That scene meant that we would never see that beautiful smile and incredible rear in the show again. Unless, of course, they bring her back as an incarnation of the Doctor which is something she said she wanted to do.

Now of course, when it comes to Billie pics, I am like a lefty spending mongrel. More is never enough...

Anyway, about Drudge being gay, well, there you have it. Drudge is gay so that means that everything he says is wrong and everything they say is right. I mean, how can you argue with logic like that? You can't or you'd be... (wait for it), yup gay.

Yee Haw! Y'all have a good night. :)

jpm100 said...

I was forming a coherent thought, but lost it at the end.

Leave it to a galactic overlord to know how to suppress independent thought among the masses.

RT said...

Name calling always works. Dorks.

Remulak MoxArgon said...

You are all sooo gay.