Little Help?

Hi Earthlings.

Does anyone know where I can find a downloadable WMV file of Bin Ladin's latest screed? All I can get are flash files, and my video editor doesn't handle them. (Remulak had to get the cheapest model.)

I'm getting back into video making and want to do something about the return of Blackbeard.

Just let me know in the pleas sections.

Keep the jokes coming to xran001(at)yahoo.ca the roast is on for Tuesday night, so Monday at midnight is the latest.

See ya later!


Sekhmet said...

If yer brave, maybe you can try BitTorrent or some other file-sharing service.

Just do it with a Mac, and don't believe anything that purports to be a copy of MS Office.

Anonymous said...

Discussion and link to mpeg file here. H/T James Lilek's Bleat.