The Return of Vox- Hillary's New Tune!

Hi folks, Vox Poplar here. Sorry I was gone so long, you probably missed me. I know I missed all of you. I especially miss, missing the Roast!
Alien bastards....
And I missed Rogue nominating me for a blogger reflection award, so there's some belated thanks. I have terrible timing, I know. Anyway... I'm back and though I won't be doing the solo blog thing anymore, I will still be an occasional contributor to the MoxArgon Group. And today, I did a little digging, and I found out Hillary Clinton's new campaign fundraising song. She's trying to appeal to the hip-hop community I guess. Check it out...

BABY GOT CASH by Sir Fix-A-Lot

I like big bucks and I cannot lie,
You politicians can't deny,
That when a guy walks in with a big fat check bag and
A wad o'cash in yo face, you get hot.
I wanna sell & be bought cuz I noticed that fund was stuffed.
deep in the wallet he's wearin',
I'm hooked and I can't stop starin'.

Oh baby, I wanna get wit ya,

And pose wit'yo' in a picture,
Republican boys say I'm sleazy,
that fund u got,
is makin me win easy

Oh, Mister Hsu's got the greens,
I say I wanna get in your benz,
Well use me, use me, cuz I am politically loopy.
I get them dancin', to hell wit romancin',
I'm a threat...bet...
Fund-raisin' like a turbo vet,
I'm tired of magazines,
Sayin' straight bucks are the thing,
Get the average Democrat and ask them that,
She's gotta pack much cash,

So fellas (YEAH!) Fellas (YEAH!)
has your Hillraisers got the bucks (HELL YEAH!)
so raise it, ya
so raise it, ya, raise them shifty bucks,

Baby got cash!
(L.A. face with Chinese money)
Baby got back
(L.A. face with Chinese money)
(L.A. face with Chinese money)

I like war chests round and big,
And when I'm throwin' a gig I just can't help myself,
I'm greedy like a animal, My campaign is one big scandal,
I wanna get ya vote, and uh, double up, uh-uh.
I ain't following the law boy, Like lead parts in Chinese toys,
I want cash quick and dirty, so make my war chest double,
Hillary's in trouble, beggin & turnin' democracy to rubble.
So I'm livin like a rock video,
My bundlers raisin' cash like hoes,
You can't have access, without cash that's a big no-no.

A word to all my Hillraisers
I'll raise moolah wit ya
Or I will cuss & hit ya
But I gotta be straight when i say i wanna (cha-ching)
Till the break-of-dawn, money got it goin on,
MoveOn folks will like this song,
Cuz Iraq I will quit it,
And I will not stay and fight,
Cuz I'm wrong and I'm strong,
And I'll soon be on the White House lawn,

So Ladies (YEAH!) Ladies, (YEAH!)
You have to vote for me & my buddies? (YEAH!)
so whip around, hand it out,
Even George Soros got to shout,
Baby got cash
Baby got cash

Yeah baby...
When it comes to bein' female,
morals ain't got nothing to do with my election,
Ha Ha, only if they got cash for me
So your average voter in a Honda,
Thinks I'm to the left of Jane Fonda,
But Fonda ain't got a hybrid motor in her Honda,
My campaign don't know you unless you got money hun.
You can do polls, or put signs up,
But please gimme all them bucks,

Some politicians wanna play that hard role,
And tell you that bad cash ain't gold,
So they toss it,
And leave it,
And I pull up quick to retrieve it.

So they say your wallet's fat,
Well I am down wit that,
Cuz your rap sheet's small and your funds are kickin',
And I'm thinkin 'bout stickin,
It to Republicans in the magazines,
You ain't it, Miss Thang,
Give me a rich Mista, cant resist-a,
They'll say dirty money didn't miss her,
Some knucklehead tried to diss,
The crooks on my money list,
He had Oprah but he chose to hit 'em,

Cuz I wouldn't let him get wit 'em,
So crooks wit' lotta cash around,
And you wanna tear George Bush down,

Dial 1-900-HILL-YEAH, and kick'em in da nuts,
Baby got cash
Baby got cash

Liberal hiding in the middle but she got much cash,
Liberal hiding in the middle but she got much cash,
Liberal hiding in the middle but she got much cash,
Liberal hiding in the middle but she got much cash,

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Redneck Chris said...

That was great! Thx for the laugh