The Leftist Mind: IT'S A CONSPIRACY!

I question the timing.
That mealy little phrase deserves to be cast into the dust-bin of history alongside such other chestnuts of non-wisdom like "speaking truth to power" or "outside the box."

Please, stuff that phrase in a box, then toss that box into the nearest and hottest furnace, you miserable wanker.

But I digress...

What I'd like to talk about is the how the Left feels it needs to question everything associated with the Right, no matter what, while avoiding any and all questions about what they believe. The latest evidence of this mindset is the latest book by Naomi Klein who questions the timing of everything from revolutions to earthquakes for the past 50 years and declares that they're all the product of a sinister conspiracy, and that only solution to that conspiracy is more cowbell communism.

Why is that?

Why do Leftists assume that there's a conspiracy behind everything from haircuts to hurricanes?

The answer is simple.

As an old time author once said: Those who don't truly believe in God end up believing in everything.

They believe in an over-arching meta-narrative that says that certain people and cultures do specific things in specific ways and that any deviation from this narrative must be the result of some sinister plot.

They also believe that the only true evil in the world are people who disagree with them. Hence they must be part of the evil conspiracy that makes the world run outside their narrow prejudiced view.

The values that the Leftist claims to hold: honesty, integrity, diversity, freedom, etc... have no real value to them.

The only thing they truly hold dear is power. Getting it and keeping it so they can force the world to follow their narrative.

This creates willing blind spots in the Leftist Mind, making them not ask questions when they should.

That's why they allow their vast support network be taken over by the very same money-people whose shady global business dealings they claim to oppose. That's why they don't ask about the motives and desires of these same money-people.

It helps them get power, and that's all they need to know.

So the next time the Left starts talking about conspiracies, ask them about the one in their own backyard.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


PS: Damian G. asked Xran to post a link to a friend of his to boost his traffic. I guess he figured that for a psychopath Xran's a bit of a softy at heart, all three of them, and couldn't resist.

So, Damian bugged him, Xran bugged me, so here's the link and to make sure people see, I'll put by the real reason people come to see this blog....


Anonymous said...

The person whose quote you're butchering is GK Chesterton. The correct quote is, "When people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing -- they believe in anything."

Besides being a classic quote, it's also a classic example of argumentum ad baculum.

irish19 said...

Well said, Your Immensity. Nitpicking such as that of A. Nonny
Mouse does nothing to disprove your

Xran The FleshRender said...

I once had argumentum ad baculum, but the doctor gave me an ointment and it went away.

And besides, there's no such thing as misquoting someone as long as it fits the story you're writing.

Ask Dan Rather.

Sekhmet said...

Ahh, the joys of a mind so open ones brains have fallen out.

And as for an argumentum ad baculum, I do not see where force is being applied. As for the logical definition, the argument that "Those who do not believe in God do not belive in nothing, they would belive in everything." is more observational than logical. And besides, there is still no punishment implied, which is a necessity for argumentum ad baculum.

This is more an observation that the human psyche has a need to know the unknowable, an instinct for gnosis if you will. It is as deeply rooted as the desire for sex. This need will not be denied. Religion is one of the healthier ways in which these desires are expressed. Deny yourself religion without sufficient spiritual discipline, and you may find this gnosis instinct express itself in more unhealthy ways.

GreedyAlgorithm said...

"Religion is one of the healthier ways in which these desires are expressed. Deny yourself religion without sufficient spiritual discipline, and you may find this gnosis instinct express itself in more unhealthy ways."

Like - oh god please no - science! God save us from science!