An Android Among the Stars #17: STRIKE!

Greetings organic meat sacs of Earth, it is time for me to wallow in the bottomless chum bucket you call your 'entertainment scene.'

1. The Writer's Guild of America has voted to go on strike. Nothing is expected to change in Hollywood since it hasn't used an original story in years.

2. George Clooney is reportedly running scared after his latest vanity project/leftist whine-fest Michael Clayton bombed at the box-office. He's reportedly busy rehearsing lines for his next job. Chief among them is "Do you want fries with that?"

3. Speaking of bombs, Reese Witherspoon's latest exercise in Oscar-Whoring, the future Al-Qaida recruitment film Rendition sank faster than her last marriage. It was beaten at the box-office by the re-release of Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Xmas. When asked audience members said they considered the tale of creepy ghouls meeting Santa Claus more realistic.

4. Movie star enclave Malibu California is burning from a series of wild-fires. Some blame arson, others blame Global Warming, I suspect it was caused by the friction due to massive egos constantly rubbing together.

FINAL ITEM: Remulak has ordered me to post this picture of Fox Business News Hollywood analyst and Liberty Film Festival organizer Govindini Murty.
Remulak has ordered that we visit Fox Business News headquarters during our annual Halloween expedition to Earth.

I asked him why and his only answer was "hubba-hubba."

Organics, so illogical.


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