Greetings puny Earthlings.

Time once again for DOUCHEBAGS OF THE WEEK!

1. FRED PHELPS: The cadaverous walking tumour and leader of the pseudo-Christian / anti-American Westboro Baptist Church has announced plans to expand from protesting at the funerals of fallen American heroes to the harassment of the families of dead Australian actors. Mr. Phelps (I refused to call you 'Reverend') you were born a douchebag, you live as a douchebag, and you will most likely, barring a miracle, die a douchebag, and spend eternity as a douchebag for a various and sundry Succubi in the harem of Hell's Grim Tyrant.

2. ELIZABETH MAY: Leader of Canada's federal Green Party decided that shilling for Al Gore with her usual enviro-socialist claptrap and decided to shill for Al-Qaeda by calling Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan "Christian Crusaders." Nice to see that freedom, democracy, and human rights are not Green Party values.

3. FEMINIST LEADERS: As much as I support the rights of women, Western Feminists are really sticking in my craw. They spend all their time spinning tales of mythical "Christianist" conspiracies to enslave them by overturning Roe v. Wade, than doing a damn thing about women being murdered, mutilated, molested, and married against their will, in the Islamic world. And when they do acknowledge the problem, it's to complain about "evil racists" for pointing out their hypocrisy.

4. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: For presenting rehashed political talking points by the minions of billionaire Oligarch George Soros as "real news" simply because it promotes the Democratic Party. And let's not forget their 'recession' chatter which is doing more to actually cause a recession than any actual economic developments.

So I want you folks to get this message:

And keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


jpm100 said...

I've heard the claim before that he is a fraud. He was a former civil rights attorney.

His church purpose is to make Religion and Conservatism look bad.

It may be wishful thinking on my part to believe it. But the fact he really isn't achieving his goals (and undermining them if anything) but he persists on the same approach makes me have to wonder.

leoni2 said...

Well, if I'd heard correctly, the funeral for Heath Ledger is being held back in Australia. If that's true, I hope that Phelps and his crew of moronic losers will have the money to actually fly to Austarlia. Why? Maybe the authorities whill be able to pull them off the plane and place them in quaranteen (sp?) so that they won't affect the people of Australia with their brand of stupidity.

Damian G. said...

Actually, Phelps does not use the title "Reverend", so sadly, your attempt to not give him the respect he doesn't deserve has fallen on deaf ears.