NEWS OF THE EARTH #14: Grade Primary Edition

Howdy Earthlings. Your old buddy Xran here with another edition of NEWS OF THE EARTH!

DATELINE- NEW HAMPSHIRE: Hillary Clinton bounced back from her embarrassing defeat with a close win in New Hampshire. What made Hillary win wasn't her carefully rehearsed tears at a press event, but because New Hampshire's only black voter was voting for McCain.

DATELINE- PERSIAN GULF: Armed Iranian Navy speed boats were aggressive and provocative toward a squadron of American ships. Which means one thing. The Iranians mistook the Iowa primary for Obama being elected president

DATELINE- PARIS, FRANCE: The nation is in a tizzy over their President's desire to marry Italian model Carla Bruni. Leaving many to wonder who will be his mistress?

Plus it gives me a cheap excuse for cheesecake.

Damn, I'm just awful.

Well, keep watching the skies because we're watching her...


jpm100 said...

Je salue la France conservatrice

irish19 said...

If Sarkozy doesn't want her, I'll be happy to take her off his hands.