The Leftist Mind: Don't Be Hatin' Ya Tool!

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Looks like possible future Empress Michelle Malkin is still getting nasty hate mail from lefty trolls.

Let's look at the latest sample.
from Joe Roppe
to writemalkin@gmail.com,
cc MalloyProducer MalloyProducer@aol.com
date Jan 9, 2008 2:28 PM
subject Crying Hillary
mailed-by gmail.com

Michelle Malkin,

I bet we could make your cry for real. Force you to eat a hamburger.

I often wonder what will happen when we progressive liberal adults take back our country.

The adults will stop wars for oil,
Everyone will have health care.
Everyone will have a roof over their heads.
Everyone will have a voice in our government.
Everyone will pay equal taxes.

The Republican Party will be a quaint memory to tell our children about.

The best part is someday you will die of anorexia or choke to death on your own purging. That’s my dream.

Thank you,
Joe Roppe
Stevens Point, WI
I could take the name calling route and call Mr. Roppe of Stevens Point Wisconsin a Targellian snot-groveller, or possibly a low-born Nemedian hogget-humper, but I've decided to be classy.

Xran is adding "for a change" but I choose to ignore him.

Instead I will use Roppe's stupidity to make you smarter. I will use him to illustrate how he is the perfect model of the Leftist Mind.

1. The Leftist Mind makes assumptions based on an extremely narrow world view:

Mr. Roppe seems to be operating on the assumption that Mrs. Malkin is suffering from some sort of eating disorder with references to anorexia, and bulimic purging.

Now you see, this is very illustrative. Joe Roppe is a classic Democrat. He thinks Hollywood and its denizens are somehow a standard of normalcy. Thus anyone who happens to be slender must have an eating disorder because all the skinny Hollywood people have eating disorders.

He doesn't clue in that Hollywood is not in any way normal, and that all being rabid lefties like him doesn't make them normal.

He also doesn't seem to know that Mrs. Malkin is a American of Filipino descent. The people of the Philippines are not exactly known for their girth. So the odds of her being naturally slender without the benefits of forced vomiting are pretty good.

Either that or Joe Roppe is a complete chod-head who mistook Mrs. Malkin for Anne Coulter, who could use a good dinner.

2. The Leftist Mind is dominated by Magical Thinking:

I often wonder what will happen when we progressive liberal adults take back our country.
Okay, I've seen a lot of so-called 'progressive liberals' and very few of them were adults.

To be an adult require maturity.

Maturity requires a certain amount of intellectual honesty. Which is the willingness to listen to the views of others and the self-control to not have a screaming hissy fit just because you disagree, and send off a nasty e-mail in the hopes that it will scare your target into obedience.

This magical thinking also forces them to make glib pronouncements about how things will somehow magically become better when 'they' take control.

And look at how things will change when Joe Roppe and his comrades 'take back' the country:
The adults will stop wars for oil,
So the countries that have it can control the world with petroleum and terrorism! Don't worry about consequences or lives lost. The glib simple solution is always the best!
Everyone will have health care.
Which will be denied if the patient is fat, a smoker, or is actually sick. While no one should be denied health care, the only way you can have 'free' universal health care is if you, like my Empire, have android medical staff.

And even then you need some sort of private sector medical research. The Soviet model just isn't efficient and the issue is too complicated for simplistic approaches.
Everyone will have a roof over their heads.
Because everyone knows how great the public housing plans of the 50s and 60s worked out. The most a government can really do is provide band-aid solutions. Real change must happen in the poor communities by taking advantage of the opportunities given them by a free society.
Everyone will have a voice in our government.
The word 'Everyone' meaning all those who can claim some sort of historical victim status and plays according to the party line, all else need not apply.
Everyone will pay equal taxes.
I guess this either means that everyone rich or poor will pay the same cash amount, or that they'll jack up the taxes for anyone above the poverty line who isn't a paid-up party member.

Because in the Leftist Mind, equal is never really equal.

Instead they compose plans to create 'equality' that are actually pointless complications that only serve to allow the rich to hide their money with the help of accountants and lawyers who grow fat from the fees.

Now my Empire has a flat 15% rate for everyone. This keeps the tax lawyers from getting rich, and it leaves people with money free to invest. Those investments create jobs, which create more wealth, my revenue goes up and the number of poor people go down.

Money belongs to the people who earn it, and they're way better at managing than any government.
The Republican Party will be a quaint memory to tell our children about.
You know what this means?

Either the enlightened reign of the Democrats will be so magical it will be puppies, unicorns and happy endings for everyone, or they're going to have all Republicans executed.

Didn't Hitler say something like that about Joos?

3. The Leftist Mind is essentially childish.

From narrow minded assumptions to magical thinking, the Leftist Mind is essentially a childish mind. You just have to look at the threats and name calling in his e-mail to see that.

4. The Leftist Mind is at heart, a hypocrite:

Take a look at another message Joe Roppe wrote to another news outlet:

Cyberbullying is a tactic some people use to anonymously attack those they disagree with using the Internet through email or on message boards. It can include threats on a person’s life, sexual remarks, pejorative labels such as hate speech all of which are intended to harm others.

Since the Internet gives people a semblance of anonymity, they can act more aggressively than they would face-to-face. You should not reply to threatening emails or negative postings on a website. Even if you do, this is not justification for an unstable person to fly into a rage and step over the line.

Some of the posts on the Stevens Point Journal message board are patently offensive and come dangerously close to crossing the fine line between expressing their freedom of speech and committing libel. I can assure you that the posts following the publication of this letter will be designed to attack me personally instead of fostering an adult discussion of the very real issue of cyberbullying. Once you read the posts, the very nature of the nasty remarks will illustrate my point.

According to the National Cyber Alert System, you can protect yourself from cyberbullies. Be careful where you post personal information; avoid escalating a situation, document offensive remarks, and report harassing or threatening posts to the proper authorities. The Stevens Point Police Department and the FBI are good places to start.

A recent article in the SPJ demonstrates how cyberbullying can be taken to the extreme. Allegedly, a local resident is reported to have stepped over the line when a webpage on MySpace was used to request someone to shoot Mayor Andrew Halverson, and the home address of Portage County Social Worker, Danita Docka was posted including requests to kill or injure her and her child. This behavior exemplifies the need to stop cyberbullying. We can do this with laws we already have on the books.

Joe Roppe
Stevens Point

A severe case of 'do as I say, not as I do' as I have ever seen.

It's a lot like a feminist who won't take a stand against Female Genital Mutilation, or a 'Peace' activist who actively roots for the violent aggressor.

So thanks for the nasty e-mail Mr. Roppe.

I hope you grow up soon.

Harassing women isn't very liberal, or progressive.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you!


irish19 said...

Y'know, Stevens Point isn't all that big of a town. Mr. (or should I say
Herr) Roppe probably wouldn't be that hard to track down if one had a mind to. Not that I'm suggesting anything. Just sayin' is all.

Remulak MoxArgon said...

Let's leave it at casting cyber-scorn at his bullying hypocritical ways.

Calling out obnoxoids like Roppe and showing the world their hypocrisy, childishness, and demented death fantasies is the best way to deal with them.

If you can't discuss thing with civility or humour, you're probably not grown up enough to discuss them.

B.C. said...

He's easy enough to find (It took about 7 seconds to type in his name and town), but what's the point?

He's a worthless bucket of worm vomit, screaming out at the Eeeevil Vast Reich Wing Conspiracy™. He's a powerless loser who has no chance of ever getting laid (Unless he's got his own herd of ugly, legless sheep or has a brothel filled with blind hookers nearby.) and he's lashing out at those who aren't stuck living their lives in perpetual obscurity and helplessness.

Mercilessly ridiculing him is the best way to deal with his type. (Thus inciting him to write even MORE hypocritical "cyberbullying" screeds or finally leaving his rust-eaten 1974 Vega running in the garage and ending his lonely, miserable existence.)

irish19 said...

Youse guys just ain't no fun at all.

cmblake6 said...

Hey, Roppe? Watch your six, bitch.