Enough with the name calling!


(Co-Host of The View)

You folks know me as "The Funny One" on The View, and how my witty repartee has set a new standard of intelligent and polite conversation.

But I'd like to be serious for a moment to discuss a problem that threatens America's very democracy.

I'm talking about NAME CALLING.

Those fascist baby-blood spilling Christian fundamentalist bitch-bastards on the Right have taken a break from their Klan meetings where they plot lynchings and abortion clinic bombings to destroy America's freedom by calling the sainted people that disagree with them names.

That's why we must eliminate free speech for the evil inbred Christian blood for oil trading motherf*ckers and leave it in the hands of people like me, who know how to be civil.

Now that would be great.

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Anonymous said...

Liberals/Progressives/Leftists/Marxists/Socialists/Communists (caution: Department of Extra Excessive Redundancy alert!) love free speech as long as it's their speech; they love ideas as long as they're their ideas; they love freedom of expression as long as it's their expression. And the truly amazing thing to me is that they are utterly blind to their hypocricy!

Some days I fear for the Republic...