Everything's Avoidable, but Death & Taxes...

View From the Afterlife
St. Thomas Becket
Martyred Archbishop of Canterbury
(1162-1170 AD)

Greetings from the Afterlife, and may God bless all of you.

At least most of you anyway.

I know I shouldn't be so judgemental, but the behaviour of some of my colleagues really boils my cassock.

One thing that makes me ready to pop my cincture is a recent statement by current Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Atkinson Williams that Shari'a Law is "unavoidable" in Britain and that elements of it should be accepted anyway to "maintain social cohesion."

His stance has more dung in it than a pig sty after a bean supper.

First of all, NOTHING IS UNAVOIDABLE. I could have easily avoided those drunken knights who eventually hacked off the top of my head, but I didn't. I stood my ground, and didn't go running around like a fool, and end up stabbed in the apse.

I stood my ground, knowing full well, that I was going to be slaughtered because it was the bloody right thing to do. Someone had to take a stand for the rights of the Church to keep kings out of spiritual affairs, even if it meant my life.

Dr. Rowan Williams is basically saying that the Judeo-Christian foundation of British liberty isn't worth fighting for because it offends the sort of people who don't want or deserve liberty.

What he should be saying is that Britain is a nation built on Judeo-Christian Liberty, and that all those who don't like it, can leave it.

Of course you'd have to actually believe in something to say something like that, and I get the feeling that Dr. Rowan Williams is much too "intellectual" to actually believe in anything, let alone fight for it.

You know Rowan, when I had your job, I was the least qualified for it. I was a party animal, selfish, obnoxious, and greedy, but I believed in the position, and in God, so when I got the job, I did the job that was required of me.

And what about all this chatter about so-called "social cohesion?"

Well, odds my bodkin, that's a load of bloody great wobbly turds.

Social cohesion comes from people adapting to a new and ever evolving society, not from accepting the backward demands of thugs and bullies for fear of offending them. Better to get your head hacked off than live a snivelling little snot under the boot of a tyrant.

You do not build a cohesive society, by socially cutting people off from each other through custom-made legal systems based on ethnicity and religion. Instead you create a bunch of little societies, that are all at each others throats until cohesion is achieved through one side killing all of the other.

People can have their own gods, but there can only be one law.

Why am I even bothering, it's not Williams would actually believe in anything I say, it might offend someone.

Goodbye and God bless.


cmblake6 said...

Does ANYONE in GB remember the number 1066? Anyone? Bueller?

Damian G. said...

Ooh! Ooh! I do, pick me, teacher!

But I'm American...

irish19 said...

That would be Willie the Conqueror if I'm not very much mistaken. Battle of Hastings wasn't it?

Damian G. said...

Yeah, the same battle that resulted in the autonomous Anglo-Catholic Church being replaced by Roman Catholicism.

(Cue "The More You Know")