Greetings puny Earthlings.
It's time once again for a Holier than Thou edition of DOUCHEBAGS OF THE WEEK!

As usual it's been a big week for douchebaggery and it comes in a wide variety of forms. So here they are, in no particular odour...

Dr. David Suzuki
: A
Canadian TV institution with his long running science show The Nature of Things and an active environmentalist. Why is he a douchebag? For calling for Global Warming Skeptics to be IMPRISONED. Yep, nothing like fascism to save the planet.

Here's a little scientific fact for you buddy. If you claim to be a scientist, and call for people who disagree with you to be imprisoned for the crime of disagreeing:

You are wrong.

Hillary Clinton: For accepting "bundled" donations from one of the people behind the Turkish made Al Qaida propaganda film "Valley of the Wolves: Iraq."

One thing you can say about Hillary, if your money's green, she doesn't care if you're a raging anti-Semite.

Can anyone say: "Culture of corruption."

Bryant Purvis: One of the infamous Jena 6 who savagely beat the snot out of a kid in Louisiana, then claimed an
unrelated prank involving nooses on a tree forced them to do it, giving Al Sharpton yet another reason to scream. As if that wasn't enough, he got busted in Texas for... beating the snot out of another kid. Thanks for the contribution to inter-racial relations.

Rowan Williams: The Archbishop of Canterbury has decided that multiculturalism is more important than t
he faith he was elected to lead and has declared that Shari'a law is unavoidable and must be accepted for social cohesion. Nothing like segregation and the oppression of women to bring people together.

James Dobson: Leader of Focus on the Family and a prominent voice for the Evangelical Republicans for endorsing Huckabee simply because Huckabee claims to be a "man of God." Dobson is essentially sacrificing Republican victory by deliberately dividin
g the party, in the hopes that a Democratic Presidency will help him with his fund-raising. I just hope he believes that the deaths of innocent Iraqis, caused by the inevitable Democrat surrender policy will be worth it.

So I want all you folks, who preach about how great and wonderful you claim to be, that when push comes to shove...
Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Anonymous said...

You seem a reasonable entity. However, we wonder is there is some special effect in this dimensional niche that promotes mild bouts of unreason.

This Dobson person has seen his side attacked by this McCain person. One fails to see why he should not strive for the rulership of someone more friendly to himself.

Also, as an Emmissary Plenipotentiary of the Trans-Dimensional Imperium, we fail to see why you let these 'Terrans' or 'Dirts' bother you so. Why not just blow up their planet and have done with it?

I would also like to open negotiations for the inevitable assimilation of your minor "UGE" into the greater mass of the Pan-Dimensional Imperium. We have a very nice gift bag with planetcrackers and interstellar teleports we hand out to joinees...or we could simply vape your dimension.

Have a nice day.

Northern Bark said...

Dr. Suzuki claims to be an "exper" on the climate but all he is, is a geneticist. But when socialist propaganda is at stake why quibble about qualifications.

He one upped the Goracle however; twenty years ago he proclaimed that the planet would be dead in ten years unless we knuckled under and became socialist slaves to the "green" (read watermelon) cause. But, we're still here and he's gone onto new socialist lies.