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Hello Earthlings.

TekTak here with another little bit of culture for all you folks.

This time, it's a happy song you can sing along too.

(To the tune of All The Young Dudes by Mott The Hoople)

Achmed rapped all night about his suicide
How he'd blow himself up and kill twenty-five
Jihad jive don't want to stay alive
And kill twenty-five

And Jafar's strapping bombs on poor retards
And Abdul's got spots from a gunshot in his face
Becoming the new master race

Television man is crazy saying we're all poor and we're mad
Oh man I don't need TV when I got Jihad!
Oh brother you guessed
I'm a dude dad

Young Muslim dudes
(Hey dudes)
Blame the Joos
(Where are they)
For bad shit we do
(Stand up Come on)
Faking the news
Young Muslim dudes
(I want to beat you)
Carry the news
(I want to kill you)
Blame it on Joos
(And I want to blow up all of you)
Carry the news

Now Ayman's really sweet when he dresses like a queen
But he can kick like a mule & make apostate's scream
But we can loath oh yes we can loath
And my Palestinian brothers are firing rockets, tossing stones
We really get off on that revolution stuff
What a drag too many snags

Now I'm not allowed wine but I'm still feeling fine
Got to cut off some cat's head
And then toss it all around
Listening to the voices in my head
YeahI'm a dude dad

Young Muslim dudes
(Hey dudes)
Keep blaming da Joos
(Where are they)
For bad shit we do
(Rise up)
Carry the news
Young Muslim dudes
(I want to stab ya)
Carry the news
(I want to shoot you)
In Iraq we are screwed
(And I want to set fire to you)
Carry the newsYoung Muslim dudes
(What dudes)
Carry the news
(Let's blame the news like the BBC)
Of the jihad we do
(I want to kick you)
Carry the newsYoung Muslim dudes
(Hey woman with the glasses)
Carry the news
(How dare you)
Your virgins are dudes
(How dare you sit at the front)
Carry the news
(And feel free to have friends)
Young Muslim dudes
(And showing your face in public!)
Carry the news
It's hot sheep we choose

(I want to honour kill her come on)
Carry the news
(Bring her here you go)
Young Muslim dudes
(I've wanted to do this for years)
Carry the news
(Time for your stoning!)
Sheep in the nudes
(How do you feel)
Carry the news

1 comment:

Jay said...

Classic, just classic, although if I were the guys from Mott the Hoople, I'd look you up and kick your azz for ruining my tune! ROFLMAO

Keep it up and I'll have to mention these parodies on my internet radio show, which I'm sure you get out there in the great beyond...