The Leftist Mind: Berkeley's Follies

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Remulak MoxArgon here, your future lord and master, and I'm going to take you on another tour of THE LEFTIST MIND.

Now there's been a lot of talk about recent unhinged protests in the California city of Berkeley over the presence of a Marine recruitment office. (You can see some great coverage at ZOMBIETIME)

Now protests at Berkeley are as sure as the sunrise, but you have to wonder why. Why would citizens of the freest nation on your planet spend, nay waste, their time decrying the mere presence of the very same people who sacrifice everything to preserve that freedom?

Well, there are many reasons that dwell in THE LEFTIST MIND!

LEFTISTS LIVE IN THE PAST: But not the real past, but a badly mangled version of the past that has about as much connection with reality as a Disney cartoon. The folks in Berkeley still harken back to what they think of as their glory days, The 60s. There they regale people with boring tales of "standing up to the Man," "speaking truth to power," and "fighting for what's right," against an "unjust war" in a land where unicorns frolic with minotaurs and centaurs in fields of pretty pink poppies.

Well, it wasn't exactly so.

The protesters were only standing up against a government that didn't regularly engage in mass slaughter because of the draft, and as far as speaking truth, they spoke propaganda, and fought not against a war, but for the opposing side. A side that killed tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of people when they finally did win. Classy, really classy.

But those are pesky little things known as facts, which have no place in the Leftist Mind.

LEFTISTS OPPOSE FREE SPEECH: A recruitment centre for an all volunteer military is nothing more than a place to talk. It's where a recruiter makes a pitch, and it's up to the potential recruit, to decided whether or not to accept. They don't force anyone to listen to walk into the office to listen to the pitch, let alone force anyone to sign on the dotted line.

So what's their problem?

It's simple, Leftists only believe that speech they believe in should be free.

Everything else, must be banned, censored, or somehow controlled by state edict. What they fear the most is a real debate on the real issues, because they fear that they will be exposed for what they really are. That's why you regularly hear about Leftist yahoos shouting down and occasionally assaulting speakers they don't agree with.

Free discussion is to the Leftist Mind like sunlight to a vampire. Too much, and they'll crumble to dust.

THE LEFTIST DOES NOT BELIEVE IN THE RULE OF LAW: I find it amusing that the people who are so quick to accuse others of being "criminals" regularly break and flaunt the law themselves. We see them regularly aiding in enemy propaganda, or in the case of Code Pink, giving money to terrorists, or in the case of Lynne Stewart, passing messages for terrorists that get innocent people killed.

They have the blood of the innocent on their treasonous hands. But do any of them face serious punishment, like prison time, or hanging?

Nope, because they can count on some judge, usually a Democrat, to let them go with a slap on the wrist, or no punishments at all, or they're not even charged not for any legal reason, but because of their political sympathies.

That's because they think the rule of law doesn't apply to them.

Just look at how scandal is treated by the different political parties.

If a conservative politician is found to be corrupt, with actual evidence, not just accusations from political opponents, they are usually run out of town on a rail. Because people expect a conservative politician to respect the law.

Catch a leftist politician in a scandal, and it's shrugged off, or completely ignored. All the Leftists want is power, and don't care what acts, no matter how shady, they must do to get it.

Now imagine what they'd do if Leftists were in power?

They'd make the Patriot Act look like an ACLU wish list with their imprisonment of people, not for any actual crime, but because of their political sympathies. The constitution won't even stop them because in their mind, they are above the law.


THE LEFTIST IS BASICALLY A FASCIST: That's right, they're fascists, I said it. All the evidence you need is a basic understanding of history. All of the most monstrous fascistic movements started out as variations of Leftist ideology, splitting into Nazism (socialist fascism with nationalism) and Communism (socialist fascism with globalism) but are pretty much the same thing and achieve similar results. Death, destruction, and the loss of freedom.

That's why you see so-called "peace activists" actively cheering mass murdering terrorists, accusing western democracies of crimes against humanity, and of being the root of all evil in the world.

Western democracies, especially American, democracy are hated by the Leftist Mind because it promotes the individual over the state, where they believe in the State over the individual.

Why do you think pretty much all Leftist organizations are the most rigidly conformist around, while so called "conservative" groups are often polyglot in their ideas and identities?

I think that's the reason why Antisemitism is so prevalent among Leftists these days. The Jewish people survived millennia of hardship, oppression, and out and out slaughter, and still maintain their identity as a people. A people that have thrived in the liberties of a free Western Democracy.

The Leftist Mind can't have that, so they attack the only democracy in the Middle East, and give their support to mass murderers who view themselves the heirs of that most twisted of Leftist Minds Adolph Hitler.

I hope you Earthlings have learnt something from this, and keep watching the skies because we're watching you.


Subconscious Mind said...

Thanks for the great and motivating post! I fully agree with you. Do check out http://www.subconscious-mind.org, they have a whole host of interesting and helpful articles.

cmblake6 said...

Spit! Hack! Scum! Brilliant post Emperor. Belt fed automatic weapons come to mind.