Douchebags of the Week...

Greeting Earthling, time for another look into the wide wild world of Earthling douchebaggery.

Hollywood: For putting out another Al Qaida propaganda film, this time called Stop Loss, and for planning to put out even more, even though no one outside of a Barack Obama fundraiser will pay to see.

The Mainstream Media: For a litany of douchebaggery-

1. From refusing to identify the parties of corrupt politicians when they're Democrats (Governors of New York, Puerto Rico, Detroit's mayor, etc., etc.) or misidentifying them as Republicans.

2. For believing the Islamists when they blame the Crusades for Jihad, even though the Crusades were, in fact, a defencive war against aggressive Jihad.

3. For underreporting real abuses in Tibet, while over-reporting Palestinian terrorist publicity stunts.

4. For not taking Obama to task for his prettily phrased, but meaningless speech about Jeremiah Wright, and for scolding his own Grandmother, the woman who helped raise him, as a "typical white person."

That's all for now, and keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Marvin said...

That puff speech, wasn't that the one that was supposed to be the greatest political speech since Lincoln? It wasn't even the best speech this year. That still belongs to Mitt Romney. But where Romney was a Republican defending a religion that teaches love, he doesn't get any credit from the press who will take a democrat defending a religion that teaches hate.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to include the fucktards that fell for the World Whackjob Fund's "Earth Hour" bull shit.