TekTak's Culture Corner: A Patriotic Moment

Hello Earthlings.

TekTak F. Mechanoid here with an exclusive scoop.

It's what Barack Obama wants as the new National Anthem of the United S
tates of America, and it's written by his long-time Pastor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.


The New True National Anthem*
by The Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

God damn America,
Land that I loathe,
Filled with Whiteys and dirty Righties
Who deserve to be bombed from above;

Go with Farrakhan, to see Quadafi,
Cause whitey made AIDS back at home,
God damn America,
My evil, racist home.
God damn America,
My racist, evil home.

Sounds catchy. I don't why people question Obama's patriotism.

*With apologies to Irving Berlin. You can stop spinning in your grave now.


b.c. said...

Tektak, if you want, you can use this version of that picture, gratis.

Chris in NC said...

HA! Outstanding! Linking you:


That is hilarious!

Rogue said...

I actually got an interview with Rev Wright

WomanHonorThyself said...

can u just hear Kate Smith singin it?..LMBO!

B.C. said...

Crap. Stupid WordPress® upgrade has wiped out all of the uploaded pictures at The Rott. (Hopefully not forever.) Please disregard the link in the first comment. E-mail me if you'd like the ShopJob™ of ObamaPanther and Rev. Wrong.