The Leftist Mind: A Revelation...

Greetings puny Earthlings.

I just had a revelation of sorts about Democratic front runner Barack Obama. Specifically it was his repeated assertions that religion was somehow a product of failure on the part of the government.

That's right, religion is not caused by a deep spiritual yearning, or a desire to learn about the universe and beyond, but because the government failed to get you a good job with a dental plan.

Now such assertions tell us nothing about the nature of religious people, but it tells us buckets about how Obama and other leftists like him think.

Forget all the rumours that Obama is some sort of secret Muslim, I am now convinced that they are all bunk. Because Obama is definitely not a Muslim, he is not even a real Christian.

Obama is a State-ist.

That's right. Barack Obama worships the Government.

Not the US government, but the concept of Government.

Barack Obama's deity of choice isn't an infinite and loving God that created the Universe, but a legion of faceless bureaucrats who believe that they know how to run your life better because they are the government.

It's the main reason he sat in that church for 20 years listening to Rev. Wright vomiting out hate like a tainted burrito. He didn't believe anything Wright said, because he doesn't believe in anything outside of getting his hands on power. He attended that church because it pretty much guaranteed him a 99% voting bloc in the heart of Chicago, and that's all.

He looks down on "bitter" small town folks, because they believe in things beyond their own lust for power, like duty, honour, country, and faith.

And I thought Hillary Clinton was bad for that sort of thing.

And this desire for power, to become a "god of government," is the main reason he's running for President now when his resume is thinner than French model. He knows that if he doesn't run now, when his mystique level is high, and knowledge about him is low, then he's screwed. Because the more you get to know him, the less you get to like him.

Keep watching the skies because we're watching you and hope someone other than Obama will screw up, so I can gripe about someone else.

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jpm100 said...

I also used to believe his resume is thin because he was an 'empty suit' hoping to squeeze in before the media love affair faded.

I don't currently believe he is a run of the mill scummy politician like the Clintons are. He's a new kind of scummy politician.

For a while now, I not strongly suspect his resume is thin because of what he's hiding as much as it is from what is missing.

I think he's more than a cocktail marxist, multiculturalist and general progressive like Hillary. I don't doubt he has a self-serving streak. But I think he's hiding his uber-progressivism for the purpose of deceiving his way into office.