Some Random Thoughts and Thanks...

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Remulak MoxArgon, your future lord and master here, taking a moment to off a few random thoughts, and to give a big thank you to some folks who linked to Xran's piece on Mark Steyn's battle with the Human Rights Mafia and caused our recent spike in visitors. I'm talking about the great Mark Steyn himself, Small Dead Animals, Right Wing News, and a whole passel of other bloggers, you know who you are because there's not enough space to thank all of you.

Just be assured that when my android hordes bring your wretched little planet under my mighty blue thumb, I will make sure you get cushy jobs in the petroleum mines. Perhaps a nice middle management position.

And now some random thoughts...

1. Cindy Sheehan, I try to not slag her because of her son's heroic sacrifice on the battlefield in Iraq. However the self-proclaimed "Peace Mom" has gone beyond her normal combo of grief and mental illness into shameless attention whoring
by filing to run against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco. You are no longer the media's darling, do the best thing for your country, the memory of your son, and yourself, by going home and getting some serious mental health help.

2. In the realm of celebrity idiocy Wesley Snipes was sentenced to 3 years on a tax conviction. He dodged the nastier fraud and conspiracy charges by claiming that he was too stupid to conspire to commit fraud. Here's a hint Wes, there are only two inevitable things in the universe, death and taxes, and you can't cheat both without them coming to bite you on the ass.

3. The media and lefty pundits keep going after John McCain, but their attacks aren't exactly coming up to snuff. One story about him having a fling with a Brazilian model when he was a young lad actually put him up a notch in my books.

And the accusations that his temper disqualifies are completely bogus. I think his temper makes him eminently qualified. When you're dealing with terrorists and dictators, it's best to have them think that you are just one inch from going completely end of Scarface -say hello to my little friend- on all of them.

4. There's been a lot of talk about the the polygamist cult in Texas, and whether or not these people are being picked on over their religious beliefs. Now I've been tentative about commenting on the issue, because I have a lot of wives and would be called a hypocrite for criticizing them, but then I thought about it. My brand of polygamy is way different than your screwy Earthling brand of polygamy.

Yes, I have a lot of lives, but it's not like we all live on some compound in some remote corner where I have complete control of their lives. In fact, I have very little control of them and how they run their planets. Yes, I said planets, you see when I marry a female, they end up running a planet in my Empire known as The Universe. I don't try to control them, because I don't want to control them. My personal fetish is female with a combination of intelligence, independence, inner strength, and good old common sense.

I sure as hell wouldn't abuse them, or boss them around, and if I tried, I'd end up like one of my predecessors, Omulak the Beheaded, and I'd deserve it. Plus, they are all consenting adults who choose me as much as a choose them. (When the ladies go blue, nothing else will do.)

Now when you Earthlings do polygamy it becomes about dominance instead of partnership, and in relationships that can only lead to abuse. Also, these polygamist cultures always lead to inbreeding on an epic scale, and pretty soon you'll get a generation that makes Snotglob look normal.

Now I'm not calling for those people to be arbitrarily judged, but I am calling for a thorough investigation of this cult and its internal culture.

That's all for now, keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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Chris C said...

Gratz on the publicity! You deserve it. Been a loyal reader ever since you took over our planet and I stumble your stuff when I can.