News of the Earth: Matters of Race...

Hi Earthlings.

TekTak here, filling for Remulak MoxArgon who is in Los Angeles today.

After the spike in visits to see Xran's piece about the Mark Steyn / Maclean's Magazing HRC controversy Xran got all big headed and joined Mike Huckabee as a client of the Creative Artists Agency in Hollywood so they could renegotiate his contract.

I wish them luck, the last time someone tried to renegotiate a contract midway through, a planet exploded. I'm not accusing anyone of specifically blowing the planet up, I'm just saying that it happened.

But anyway I'm here to talk about the news, so let's get started while you still have a planet.

1. Police officers charged in the death of Sean Bell were acquitted of murder charges. In response Al Sharpton declared that he was going to "shut down the city." Well, I don't know the details of the case, but I can tell you that the moment the Bell's family let Sharpton into their lives, an acquittal was guaranteed.

Sharpton's mere presence on one side of any case is pretty much a declaration that the side he's involved with is going to forgo facts and evidence for racially charged invective and threats. Bringing in Sharpton on your side is practically an admission of fault, and if you want to avoid that, you should spurn Sharpton like you would spurn a rabid weasel.

2. Whoopi Goldberg declared that View co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck's desire to judge a candidate by qualification over race or gender was a "very white attitude." Doesn't anyone see that Whoopi managed to insult both whites and blacks with this?

Then let me explain. Basically Whoopi insulted whites, by declaring that their attitude is somehow wrongheaded because of their skin colour. But she also insulted African-Americans by saying that they aren't capable of considering qualifications, competence, or integrity when it comes to voting, if that person has the correct skin colour. While some wags might use that to explain the political career of Ray Nagin, it's patronizing, and insulting to African Americans.

3. Obama's sort-of ex-pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright made a speech to the National Press Club, after speaking to the NAACP and an interview that bordered on fellatio with Bill Moyers. While some in the media are declaring that all is forgiven and that we should "move on" but I don't think so. Obama's 20 year relationship with the race-baiting conspiracy spewing Wright and his subsequent spurning when it became inconvenient shows both a lack of judgement, and moral fibre on the part of Barack Obama.

It reveals that he only joined Wright's church because it was politically convenient for him, not out of any deep belief, and the fact that he joined such an openly racist church shows a serious lack of thought in anything beyond his own short-term ambitions.

Anyway, I hope you Earthlings learn get past all this racial stuff, because as my colleague Snotglob likes to say: "Earthlings all taste the same to me."

Keep watching the skies folks.

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jpm100 said...

"It reveals that he only joined Wright's church because it was politically convenient for him, not out of any deep belief"

There is another option.

He does believe it, but for the greater good [of getting elected] he'll mislead people to his true positions on issues.

The answer is probably somewhere inbetween the two.