Douchebags of the Week... Holier Than Thou Edition

1. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA-- For a myriad of sins. From the hagiography of empty-headed empty suit Barack Obama and ignoring his unending stream of bloopers, bleepers, and bone-headed preachers, to their sudden reappraisal of Scott Mclellan since he became a KosKid, and their ongoing to refusal to report on victory, because what they want is defeat. There's bias, that's to be expected, but this sanctifying the left has gone beyond bias into suicidal madness.

2. GORDON MURSELL, THE ANGLICAN BISHOP OF STAFFORD-- For declaring that people who don't fall down on their knees and begin worshiping the craven idol of Al Gore's doughy backside you're the equivalent of Austrian incest rapist Josef Fritzl. Of course since he's an Anglican Bishop in Britain, he was speaking to an empty room.

3. FATHER MICHAEL PFLEGER-- For declaring that America, the nation that hasn't burnt him at the stake, yet, is the greatest sin inflicted on the world. Nothing like that eeeeevvviiilll religious, political, and economic freedom. My advice to the Catholic Church on how to handle this race-baiting moonbat, two words: Trappist monastery.

4. SCOTT MCCLELLAN-- The only reason this odorous sweat-act of a press secretary kept his job as long as he did was because of President Bush's overwrought sense of loyalty. He repaid that loyalty with a steaming pile of a book, specially re-written to embarrass the President, hurt the war effort, and get the media to finally like him after years of eating their crap and calling it ice cream. I heard George Soros now has McClellan's soul in a jar on his mantle, next to Obama's.

So remember, if you find yourself on this list---

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Wyatt Earp said...

I think, technically, Scott McClellan is a jitbag, not a douchebag.

I'm just sayin'.