Greetings puny Earthlings, another week, another load of douchebaggery! so here they are in no particular odour order:

1. JEFFREY WELLS- A movie blogger who thinks that since Jon Voight doesn't have enough liberal guilt to blindly support Barack Obama's candidacy that he should be denied work. Well slap my ass and call me McCarthy, you're more than just a hypocrite, and a closet fascist, you're also a douchebag.

2. VLADIMIR PUTIN- For INVADING ANOTHER COUNTRY! Does he remember how well random invading and bullying people worked for his Soviet predecessors?

3. IRANIAN GOVERNMENT- For pulling a swimmer for fear that they may be polluted by sharing a pool with an Israeli. When Moamar Quadafi thinks you're a load of whackjobs, you are in deep, deep, dung.

4. JOHN EDWARDS- The former veep candidate and ambulance chaser who made his fortune suing doctors for non-existent malpractices, for not only cheating on his cancer stricken wife, but for the waffling, the denying, and then trying to justify his actions. Now he's admitting the affair, but denying fathering the child. Well, excuse me, but I don't think I'll just take his word for it, considering his history with the truth. I say take a sample of that snake oil that runs through his veins and compare the DNA. Edwards' juries may not have cared about scientific facts, but that's the only way I'll believe him. I think the illegitimate child isn't the real bastard in this story.

5. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA- You've hit a new low, when the National Enquirer comes out as the bastion of journalistic integrity. I can understand not initially reporting the story, the Enquirer's record is spotty at best, but there was no attempt to even look into the story until it was too late. Why don't you quit being shills for the Democratic Party and start doing your jobs for a change?

And don't forget, if you're on this list, it means:

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Marvin said...

For all the attention it is getting, you would think Russia's invasion of Georgia was nothing more then a common post soccer game riot, and not an event that has already probably killed more people then 9-11, and could lead to a major European war, with nukes.

Fuloydo said...

Russia scares me. I'm old enough to remember the whole "Hide Under Your Desk" thing. I thought we were, for the most part, past that.

I wish you guys would just invade and get it over with. At least I'd know, as I toiled away as a slave in your spice mines or whatever, that the people who nuked me had a plan.

Or maybe I could be a love slave. Xran's kinda hot. :)