Some Questions To Ask?

Hi there Earthlings. TekTak F. Mechanoid here, Remulak's busy putting together the last details of booking his interview with Barack Obama and has left me in charge of the blog for a while.

Some recent events have raised some questions that the mainstream media don't seem to be asking, so we will.

1. Why aren't the Democrats doing their usual screaming and demanding special prosecutors, special inquiries, etc., etc., about the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac debacle? I mean these are the same people who, as Remulak likes to say, shit kittens over a Republican having a private e-mail account and equate it with war crimes. So why aren't they showing much interest in the roots of the current economic chaos? Could it be that Democrats blocked the reforms necessary to prevent the crisis?

2. Sean Penn is demanding that people vote Democrat so he can pay more taxes. My question is why doesn't he pay more taxes anyway? I mean, it's not like the IRS or any tax organisation would say no to anyone offering to pay more voluntarily. Could it be that his accountants will just hide Penn's money in the 37,000 pages of tax code that not even Charlie Rangel of the finance committee understand?

3. The Mainstream Media has lately been playing the race card like a degenerate gambler who thinks a Joker beats an Ace. They claim that only evil American racism can keep Barack Obama from the crown. Well, who are they calling racist? Could they be trying to slander Republicans by equating them with racism. Well there's a flaw in their reasoning, Republicans aren't voting for Obama because he's a tax-raising Chicago machine Democrat, not because he's black. So they must be saying that Democrats are racist. Which isn't much of a stretch, considering the Democrats were the party of slavery, the Confederacy, Jim Crow laws, segregation, and lynching.

But those are just my thoughts on the issues.

Keep watching the skies and all that...

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Anonymous said...

"Sean Penn is demanding that people vote Democrat so he can pay more taxes."

Delicious. Instead of donating his own money, he wants the government to confiscate it. Because he's a greedy SOB and won't contribute to the public good on his own free will.

Most socialists are like this guy. A bunch of self-serving bastards with no ethics, who need daddy State to behave themselves.