The Leftist Mind: Jive Turkey's Right To Vote...

Greetings puny Earthlings. Time for another dip into the Leftist Mind.

There's a lot of talk lately, mostly ignored in the MSM, about Barack Obama's connections, as a lawyer and activist, with ACORN. ACORN claims to be a group out to promote civil rights and puppies, kittens, unicorns and rainbows, but is in fact, a massive voter fraud ring, that uses extortion, bribery, and corruption to get their funding from the government and corporations.

So why would Barack Obama associate with a group like that?

The main reason is that Barack Obama believes in nothing but his own quest for power.

Think about it for a minute.

Can you honestly think of anything Obama's done that has accomplished anything beyond his own advancement?

Chicago Annenberg Challenge, The Woods Foundation, ACORN, and Xenu knows how many other foundations and alleged "charities" that he's worked with, that have done nothing to improve the lives of anyone other than the people that advanced his political career. Sure, he knew Bill Ayers was a terrorist, everybody around him knew, he bragged about it. What mattered to Obama was Ayers dad Tom, who was a big wheel in the local Democratic machine and who had effectively been Illinois top kingmaker for decades.

Even his religion is really just another case of opportunism, where he used the racist crackpot Rev. Jeremiah Wright more or less to advance himself among the South Side Chicago voters, and when Wright started to cost him, he tossed him under the bus, with so many others.

And don't get me started on his writing. Who can honestly write two books about how wonderful they are, and still have the chutzpah to run for office.

Which is why it bugs me when people keep spreading those "Secret Muslim" stories. To even be a secret Muslim you have to actually believe in something beyond the power of your own charm.

So dealing with a blatantly corrupt group like ACORN is not a big deal with him, especially when they can deliver the undead voters to get him in the White House.

Keep watching the skies because we're watching you.

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