Reality Check: Crazy Ladies....

Greetings puny Earthlings.

This is the week of the crazy ladies, and their stories show just what a load of douchebags the mainstream media really are.

Crazy Lady #1: Crystal Mangum, best known as the woman who almost tore a city apart by making false accusations against three Duke University lacrosse players. Well, now she has a book out called "The Last Dance for Grace: The Crystal Mangum Story." I used to justify not prosecuting her alongside Durham county persecutor Mike Nifong that at least she had her mental and emotional issues as a defence, but now I see a craven attempt at profiteering from her attempt to destroy the lives of three innocent men, who, BTW, had ALIBIS. She's still declaring that she was assaulted, despite the lack of witnesses, physical evidence, and her own constantly changing story.

Now it does raise the questions:
Who the hell gave her a book deal?

What kind of sleazebag seeks to profit by exploiting a woman with her issues, and reopening old wounds?

I'm sure the lawyers for the parents of the Duke Lacrosse players know, and are preparing their actions accordingly.

Ladies and gentlemen of the bar, have at them. It's the only way they'll learn.

Crazy Lady #2: Ashley Todd, the Pittsburgh McCain campaign volunteer is getting all kinds of national press now that her story of being assaulted and carved by a rampaging Obama voter has turned out to be a hoax. I knew it was a hoax the moment I saw the legible letter "B" carved into her cheek.

How did I know?

Easy, get a marker, sneak up on someone on the street, and then pin them down and try to write your name on their face.

Guess what you'll get.

A couple of scribbles that in no way resemble any language outside the Dinarran Nebula, and an arrest on your record. You will not get a legible letter "B."

I don't know why, but a lot of people who instigate assault/rape hoaxes think that writing on people is something assaulters do, but there has never been a case of any legible writing being written, or carved on any living person without their consent. In fact, I'm surprised Miss Mangum didn't claim it.

Of course, she's all over the mainstream media, being used as a brush to paint all Republicans as like this sad, pathetic, deranged, and none too bright creature, meanwhile...
This hefty bag full of feces in New York--

--tore a McCain campaign sign out of a woman's hands and beat her with the stick, declaring he did it because he is a Democrat and a leftist who was angry at the woman's blatant expression of free speech.

That's the only picture I could find of the snivelling little piece of grabasstic amphibian diarrhoea, and the media won't even release his name, let alone give this, not uncommon, act of political violence any coverage remotely close to the triviality of one delusional and pathetic young woman.

Nutbag Ashley Todd will be on the news everyday until election day.

That's a fact.

And the cowardly little doughboy in New York will probably get off scot-free if he gets a Democrat prosecutor and a Democrat judge. Because he beat a Republican, and that's all right by their books.

Now here's a question every American voter must ask themselves:

If these tactics are what they will do to obtain power, what the hell will they do when they have that power and want to keep it?

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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ticticboom said...

Bernard Feuerman is the coward who likes beating up women:

thesilentmajority: http://tinyurl.com/62ykf9

pajamasmedia: http://tinyurl.com/5qzonl