REALITY CHECK: What You Get With Obama...

Greetings puny Earthlings.


Here's a simple, easy to follow list that will tell you what you will get with an Obama Presidency.

1. Higher taxes. No matter what he says, taxes will have to go up for everyone to pay for his promised entitlement programs.

2. The Chicago Machine goes national. Expect corruption on a massive scale as every radical, racist, and reprobate ally from Obama's past lines up to stick their head in the federal trough.

3. Government programs that spend lots, but achieve nothing, see #2 for the reason why.

4. Secretary of Education: William Ayers.

5. Hedge fund billionaires would profit hugely from the chaos Obama's economic policies would keep going through botched "redistribution" programs, corruption, and incompetence.

6. Every piss-ant dictator will pick a fight with America and their allies, and they will win. Expect Chavez to invade one or more of his neighbours, Iran to attack Iraq & Israel, etc... etc....

7. An end to free political speech. Talk radio, blogs, will all be taken away under the name of "fairness" with highly partisan political hacks and left wing radicals deciding what is fair. The mainstream media won't dare say a peep, for fear of Harry Reid taking away their broadcasting licenses.

8. An end to privacy for any critic of the Obama regime. If government officials in Ohio were willing to open the private and confidential records of Joe The Plumber as punishment for asking a question, what do you think he'll do once he has power and wants to keep it.

9. Voter fraud will achieve epic proportions. ACORN, flush with billions in federal handouts from the Obama regime will set itself the target of Obama's reelection. Then it will try to get a constitutional amendment to end Presidential term limits. Remember, Obama's a young man, politically speaking, and he, and most importantly, the people who own him, probably won't settle for his retirement from power by his mid-50s.

10. Your military will be stripped of all financing and technology. Obama will also pursue unilateral disarmament hoping his charm will woo Iran to stop nuking Israel, and stop Kim John Il from burning Seoul into ashes.

11. For the first time in history, the United States will have a government to the left of France. FRANCE!

So, with your nation, once the most powerful on your puny planet, will be left soft, helpless, and incapable to defend itself.

Which is why I'm endorsing....
Yep, thanks to Obama, my android hordes should be able to subjugate your world in about 5 minutes, instead of the predicted 10 minutes.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you..... and waiting for our moment to strike.


Anonymous said...

What will your policy's be upon you conquest?

Anonymous said...

That's your not you.

Anonymous said...

what a fucking dumbass. Taxes are rising to pay for your dumbass leader of 8 years. TIME TO SHAVE THE BUSH!