Reality Check: Plugging Up The Plumber

Greetings puny Earthlings.

The internet and media are abuzz about Joe The Plumber, a fellow who asked Obama a tough question, and wasn't impressed with the Chosen One's socialistic answer.

Well, the mainstream media are going after him hammer and tongs, declaring that his opinions are not valid because he doesn't have a valid plumber's license, owes back taxes, and was once seen sucker punching a wildebeest.

All I can say is.... SO FUCKING WHAT?

Joe the Plumber is not running for the Presidency.

Joe the Plumber is not trying to change the Supreme Court from a body based on the rule of law to a body based on empathy for the "disenfranchised."

Joe the Plumber did not give $800,000 + to a known radical group to stuff ballot boxes, a corrupt radical group he used to work for.

All Joe the Plumber did was ask a candidate a question, and disagree with the candidate's answer.

Now the media will do everything it can to destroy his life.

Now comes the reality check.

If this is what Obama and his allies do to someone who just questions them during their campaign, what will they do to their more prominent critics when they're in power?

He's already tried to get people criminally prosecuted for political speech, what will he do with the power of the Presidency behind his threats?

What will his empathetic judges do with these critics?

What will Nancy Pelosi do?

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

And watch your own backs while you're at it. You may only have a few weeks left.


LGD said...

"what will they do to their more prominent critics when they're in power?"

Like the Clintons, the Obamaheads will use the IRS to intimidate people.

I assume Joe-the-plumber's audit is already scheduled for January 23rd.

Purple Raider said...

I assume that everyone without a "D" next to their name will have the IRS on their front door on the 23rd.