Whatcha Gonna Get, A Reality Check...

Greetings puny Earthlings, I think it's time to make a list of what America, and the world will get if ACORN gets its way and Barack Obama gets elected president. So let's get started:

1. The end of free speech under the aegis of the "Fairness Doctrine." Goodbye talk radio, goodbye blogs, goodbye Fox News, and goodbye to anyone asking tough questions.

2. The criminal prosecution of political critics by the Obama administration. Don't believe me? Then ask what the St. Louis MO prosecutors are threatening to do.

3. An end to secret ballots for union elections, bringing back thuggery and intimidation on a scale not seen since the death of Jimmy Hoffa.

4. Chicago style machine politics going on a national scale.

5. Further chaos and losses on the stock market as investors flee the country to escape Obama's doubling of the capital gains tax.

6. The sudden realization that the "rich" Obama is targeting with his class war style income tax hikes are 70% small business operators. Costing millions of jobs.

7. Iran getting nuclear weapons leading to nuclear war in the Middle East.

8. Allies will be discarded, enemies empowered.

9. The stripping of the military to levels that make even Jimmy Carter uncomfortable.

10. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will be the de facto president, because Obama is far too weak, and bound to partisanship to stop her quest for ultimate power.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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