A Look Into the Future!: The Possible Outcomes

Greetings puny Earthlings, sorry for the light posting lately, but we've all been gorging ourselves on Halloween Candy and we've all been getting a little too sick and tired of the Obama Canonization / Coronation the media's been doing lately. Especially in the polls where the definition of "Likely Voter" has been "expanded" to account for Obama's status as a "lightworker" to make his rule look inevitable and hopefully suppress Republican voters.

Well, I had some of our best and brightest minds make the necessary calculations to see all possible outcomes for this election:

OBAMA WINS: Thanks to ACORN registered voters like "Jive Turkey" and "S. Uperman" Obama wins a decisive victory. Conservative pundits and bloggers will want to use such phrases as "voter fraud" and "buying the election" but can't since newly appointed Speech Commissar Keith Olbermann won't let them have computers at his new "Countdown Camps." About six months into his reign President Obama disbands the US military to create a new civilian force informally called "Blueshirts" designed to protect Americans from such threats as talk-radio, blogs, and newspapers that didn't endorse him. That's when my hordes come in to invade, why, because I'm lazy, and I don't like to work too hard.

MCCAIN WINS: The large number of undecideds break for McCain-Palin, thuse giving them the election. Blacks will riot, and the media intellectualoids will scream that McCain and a mysterious "vast right-wing conspiracy" stole the election. Their evidence: a gag on the Simpsons' Halloween episode where Homer can't vote for Obama. Despite the lack of anything like an organisation like ACORN to orchestrate such a fraud, it becomes the predominant media myth. Because if you lie loud enough and often enough, the media will treat it as truth.

Enjoy the carnage and chaos, because the Democrats have spent hundreds of millions to create it and keep it going, and they're not going to let something like democracy stop them.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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