A Historic Moment


(Ruler of the Known Universe)

Greetings puny Earthlings.

America has elected its first black President in Barack Obama. Ironically a man who happens to be the one person who doesn't see the exceptional nature of America as a country that would allow a black man to become leader of a majority white nation. It certainly would not happen in Europe the land on whose opinions he relies so much, I mean they like to fly Nazi flags at soccer games.

I'd like to congratulate Mr. Obama on his historic victory, but I'd also like to tell him that he should be careful what he wishes for, because he's got it, and it's not going to be as sweet as he thinks.

Think about it.

He's spent his entire life campaigning for positions, then the moment when he gets that position he immediately starts campaigning for the next rung on the ladder.

Well, he's got no farther up to go, and he's only 47 human years old. He can't go up unless he tries to conquer your wretched planet, which I don't think he has the stones for, and any attempt to go beyond your puny star system would hit a wall.

And by wall I mean android war fleet, because the spot for Ruler of the Known Universe is taken, and you need bigger teeth before you can challenge the big dog.

He's also based his career on charm, liberal guilt, and shady dealings by a radicalized base that's willing to do anything for power, no matter how crooked, and he's been able to coast from job to job, getting a little bit higher everytime without actually accomplishing anything.

Well, the party's not going to last long.

Sure the media will always love him, the Hamptons-Hollywood set must atone for belonging to the party of slavery after all. They'll cover up for his scandals and blunders, trust me, there will be many, and they'll sit back silently while he tries to use the courts, the IRS, and the FCC to suppress any and all critics. He will try to do it, he's already attempted it over campaign ads he didn't like.

But he'll be walking a very narrow tight-rope to please the radicals, billionaire oligarchs, political machine hacks, union kingpins, and media flacks who all claim ownership of his ass. If he doesn't dance to all of their tunes, they will turn on him. They bought the White House for him, and they're going to expect delivery on what they paid for.

Failure on his part to please any of his backers has the potential to destroy him. They have a lot of dirt on him, and they're not above blading him, and each other, to make their point.

He already has Hillary plotting behind the scenes to destroy him. Don't doubt that for a minute, and when the time is right, and when the bloom is off his rose, she, or her proxies, will strike.

I could resent Obama for his beliefs, which now puts the USA to the political left of France, and his overweening narcissism, but I'm actually starting to feel sorry for him. He doesn't have to fear the political right, it has too much rebuilding to do, and too much fat to trim off their ranks to even stand up to him let alone stop him. But all of Obama's allies are ready, willing, and able to destroy him. Because when his charms fail to deliver the country to his masters, the backlash will do everything it can to make sure America's first black president will be the last black president for a hundred years.

Good luck Mr. Obama, you're going to need it, especially with friends like yours.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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Wyatt Earp said...

The best part: even if he has two terms, we'll be done with him by 2016. He could have been a Senator/Governor/Congressman for years before this.

Rise fast, retire young. Awesome!