(I think she once wrote a book or something)

I am personally begging all you racist inbred god-bothering hicks in Flyover country to stop molesting your sisters, lynching innocent black men on your streets, and drinking the blood of Iraqi children and do the one decent thing you will ever do in your life.

I'm talking about voting for Barack Obama.

If Barack Obama does not become the next president of this pestilent shit hole of a country there will be a civil war of unspeakable brutality. The streets will be flooded with blood, cities will burn, and civilization will collapse as gangs of Rethuglikkkan Brownshirts run riot across this fascist state, feasting on the flesh of their social betters.

Don't believe me!

Look around you!

Look at all the journalists that have been locked up by the BushHitler Reich!

Okay, I can only remember one name, Judith Miller, and she was locked up by a Clinton appointed US Attorney looking to convict a Bush administration official for not remembering the date of a conversation at a cocktail party, but I'm sure there are others!

Just look at Keith Olbermann's ratings!

He'd be the number one news-talk pundit guy in the world if the BushHitler Reich hadn't rounded up the millions of intelligent Americans who would watch him and had them gassed in secret death camps hidden all across these United States of Amerikkka.

You must vote for Obama!

The fate of the world hangs on it!

Only Obama has the wisdom to regulate how people talk, think, and what they can watch or listen to.

Only Obama can bring about world peace by finally crippling this war-mongering fascist state of Amerikkka, and allow people who truly believe in democracy and human rights, like Iran, Venezuela, Syria, and North Korea decide our foreign policy. They truly know better.

Don't be confused into voting for McCain by Obama's friendship with ex-Weather Underground terrorists, PLO toadies, radical Kenyan wannabe dictators, racist preachers, shady machine politicians, and crooked slum lords. They hate Rethuglikkkans, so that makes them okay.

And don't let the fact that he wouldn't give the steam off his piss to his aunt in Boston, who is both poor, and facing deportation. She can illegally donate to his campaign, that's all right, but he's too busy saving the world raising $1 million for a wannabe Kenyan dictator named Odinga, than to save his own aunt.

Obama will prevent the bloody civil war, by disarming the nation's military, police, and civilian population. Having all their guns and bombs put under the control of true men and women of peace, like Bill Ayers.

The world wants Obama to be our president.

Why do you think he's fighting to keep his donations secret, that's because he's getting millions from the enlightened and progressive people of the world to lead this nation into the light of truth, justice, and redistribution of the middle class into the poor class.

That's why we must crush these so-called "average people" like Sarah Palin, and Joe the Plumber. They dare to challenge the chosen one by asking questions!


So vote for Obama. He may not have achieved anything concrete in his entire life outside of two books about himself, but at least he didn't get himself all crippled up "serving his country" in the name of fascism like that drooling baby-beater John McCain.


Anonymous said...

At least I'm only bitter because of my religion and guns. Erica is bitter because she's too ugly to get laid.


Anonymous said...


I guess some people will write anything to get attention. This article of nothing but a bunch of bull. Truth be told I am kinda sad that McCain lost. Barrak Obama is gonna be assassinated, there is no question in my mind about that. With all the KKK bastards and other racists out there, it will be impossible for the SS to protect him. Imagine, if 100 racist all planned to kill him. That means everyone who is trying to protect Obama would have to out wit all of them and stop 100 people at the same time

It's simply a matter of limited resources. They can't stop all of them. I feel sorry for Obama and his family, and I'll pray for his family. Unfortunately now that he has won, he is a dead man. There are simply too many racists in the world, let alone America, that won't allow a man like Obama to be in such a high position of power.

Remulak MoxArgon said...

It's not the skinheads he has to worry about, all they have to do is watch YouTube to see them brag about their plans to the world. They're not that bright.

It's the Clintons he'll have to worry about.

I'm not saying they will assassinate him physically, but they will destroy him, they're good at that. Plus the hype has put him beyond anything a mortal man can accomplish.

Too many people own pieces of his soul, and the hype has put what he has to do to pay them back beyond the ability of mortal men. When he fails, they will turn on him, and he will be crushed.