We Got Yer Answers Right Here!

Greetings puny Earthlings. Sorry to be so late, but I was waiting for more questions.... okay, I was drinking, so what, I rule the universe! Anyway, I've got the questions, and I'm not too hungover to answer them, not unlike my colleagues.

First question...
marvin said...

Could you move your invasion up to sometime before the end of January?

You're not the boss of me, and you don't decide when I invade what planet. You get the government you deserve, even one that may weaken your nation so it will only take five minutes to conquer your planet instead of ten.
Debbie from the Land of Lincoln er Obama

What stuff should be renamed to honor the election or Barack Obama?
I think voting "present" to avoid offering an opinion on a controversial issue should be renamed as "Voting Obama."
LGD said...

So where are the anti-Moslem riots, murders, assaults or even protests in exchange for these attacks in Mumbai?
They occur mostly in the minds of extremists, who want them to help with their recruitment, and in the minds of leftist journalists, who just can't accept that there's anyone who isn't a White Christian that isn't more racist, sexist, and narrow minded than they are.
evilgrey said...

Do you think Obama will win again in 2012? I ask this seriously, because I have seen this happen in other countries, where socialism has metastasized.

Thank you for noticing my words, O Great Ones, for I know I am but dust in your feet, er... (claws? tentacles? antigravitic fields?)
Hillary will have throttled him and Biden with a microphone cord during a press conference in 2010. And despite it helping her standing in the polls, it doesn't help her beat the candidacy of Jindal/Steele in 2012.

But I don't want to tell you too much about your future. Spoilers and all that.

And thanks the toadying, btw I have feet
with claws.
blackhawk12151 said...

When the invasion finally comes what can an insignificant human like me do to avoid extermination and serve the great MoxArgon?
First, be a hot chick. That's a great help with my empire, but failing that, learn some toadying from Evilgrey, and be ready to serve my mighty alien order.
Libsareb Raindead said...

O Universal Overlordestness, after you mercilessly... er, mercifully invade us and take over our benighted planet, what place in the order of things would Former Senator Obama and other communists find themselves? Zoo exhibit? Lab specimens? Tri-cyclic fusion reactor scrubbers, junior-class? Or similar position where, yes, they can hope to make actual contributions to society for a change?
I must keep some surprises for when the invasion comes.

And another one from blackhawk12151...
blackhawk12151 said...

Also, could you repost that picture of Billie Piper from a few months back? That would make this insignificant human's day
It's not my job to make your day, but what would make my day is a new one.

Keep watching the skies because we're watching you.

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