The Leftist Mind: What Really Matters...

Greetings puny Earthlings. It's time to take another look into the shallow pool of the Leftist Mind!

There are a couple of prime examples of what really matters to the Leftist Mind happening right now, that I think you should know about.

Right now in Canada the three left-leaning opposition parties The Liberals, The New Democratic Party (NDP), and the separatist Bloc Quebecois are forming a coalition intent on unseating the minority Conservative Party government, sparking a constitutional crisis in the midst of a global economic crisis.

Now they claim they're doing it because the Conservative government hasn't dropped billions of dollars in blind "stimulus spending" yet, even though they don't release a budget until January, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, an economist, already insulated our financial sector from the credit crunch, almost two years ago.

Their claim is a lie.

The real reason is that the Conservatives wanted to save money by cutting the $1.95 per vote that each party, their own included, get in free money from the federal government. The Liberals, the NDP, and the Bloc are in bad financial shape with dwindling memberships and flaccid fundraising. The Bloc currently gets 84% of their budget from the Canadian government.

Without that federal money, they face bankruptcy because they can't manage their own money.

Yet they think they have the ability to manage your tax dollars.

Now if the Conservatives lose the non-confidence vote and have to leave power, it leaves our Governor General two options. She can call for an election, mere months after the last election, or she could ask this coalition to form a government.

Now here are the problems with the coalition:

1. Stephane Dion the leader of the Liberal Party, has been ousted from the leadership of his own party, and they're in the middle of a campaign to replace him. So basically Canada will get a Prime Minister that his own party doesn't want, much less Canadian voters, and he's going to be gone in 6 months. Meaning an automatic lame duck at the head of an incoming government. His most likely successor, journalist and lecturer Michael Ignatieff, spent the bulk of the last 30+ years living outside of Canada, and only returned when the powers that be at the Liberal Party offered him a shot at the PM chair.

2. The Bloc Quebecois, the party that makes the coalition government possible, is founded on a platform of breaking away the province of Quebec from the rest of Canada. Basically, it is a party based essentially on treason, a very polite form of treason, but treason nonetheless. This coalition will be beholding to a radical fringe separatist party whose agenda has even been rejected by the majority of Quebecers.

3. The Coalition will be a recipe for disaster combining the blazingly corrupt tax & spend policies of the Liberals, with the radical socialism of the NDP, and the separatism of the Bloc. In the face of a global economic crisis, they promise putting the whole country in the same financial shape as their party finances, abysmal.

4. The Coalition will mostly represent Ontario, and some of the more backward regions of Quebec, and pretty much ignore the West and the Atlantic provinces. Ontario has recently been declared a "have-not" area after decades at the top of the heap, thanks to its dependence on the dying American auto industry, meanwhile the West, with its growing population and prosperous economies, are going to be shut out. Their votes rendered null and void, by a political conspiracy.

5. With a very Canadian coup forcing that prosperous west out of the democratic proccess will only serve to promote and provoke the miniscule western separatist movement into becoming a real political force. Our convoluted electoral laws designed to keep Quebec as the kingmaker have already denied them the representation their growing population deserves, so having Stephane Dion wipe his ass with their votes could very well be the straw that breaks the camel's back. And then it's a big goodbye to Canada's oil supply, our potash supply, and the bulk of Canada's agriculture, and forestry.

Meanwhile in the USA...

Al Franken is losing the recount, so he's going to try to get Senate Democrats to overrule the voters of Minnesotta and appoint him as the Senator. And it looks like Harry Reid will go for it, claiming it's the only way to count the votes of Earthlings too dumb-assed to fill out a ballot correctly. Like Canada this will be a direct attack against the democratically expressed will of the voters and will spark a constitutional crisis that will only hurt the democratic proccess.

So why are they doing it?

Because all the leftist cares about is their own power.

It's that simple.

They will destroy constitutions, voter's rights, the economy, and the rule of law to get their hands on the reigns of power, so they can get control of the taxpayer's money and their lives, and they won't let go.

Like I said, it's simple really.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


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