The Leftist Mind: The Road To Hell?

Greetings puny Earthlings, it's time once again to peek into the gaping abyss that is THE LEFTIST MIND.

Today I'm going to look at something the Leftist Mind thinks it has a complete monopoly on. I'm talking GOOD INTENTIONS.

You see, the Leftist Mind can justify anything, I mean any action, any plan, or even any crime, and can completely shrug off the often disastrous consequences because they claim to have GOOD INTENTIONS.

Start charging Veterans for treatment of injuries received in service of their country?

Yes, it's an affront to all decency, but the money saved from making them pay for their own medical care can help the government bring universal health care to everyone who hasn't been injured in the line of duty. But you can't say that it's wrong because the people doing it have GOOD INTENTIONS.

Sell out allies to empower enemies?

Sure, it can get a lot of innocent people killed, but they believe that giving in to thugs and bullies will make those bullies happy and tone down their urge to kill. So you can't call it evil because it's done with GOOD INTENTIONS.

Set up organizations to engage in widespread extortion, harassment, and voter fraud?

Yeah, it degrades democracy, but a completely free and un-corrupt democracy can lead to Republicans getting elected. Since Republicans are supposed to have a monopoly on evil, destroying democracy is all right, because doing anything to keep them out of power shows GOOD INTENTIONS.

Sell out your party to a cabal of billionaires lead by an admitted Nazi collaborator?

Why not? The billionaires oppose Republicans, that's all the evidence you need to know that they and their hidden agendas have GOOD INTENTIONS.

Plot to oppress free speech, aided and abetted by a corrupt and biased mainstream media?

It's all right, because free speech has to ability to hurt someone's feelings. Speech that brings up things like a certain President's socialist leanings, and inability to have a simple conversation without a teleprompter. In their mind dissent from a Leftist President can only lead to evil, and censoring it can only be proof of GOOD INTENTIONS.

And finally...

Scheme to extend an economic crisis?

Well, that's perfectly okay for a Leftist. What's a few ruined lives when you can use this crisis to instill a new form of government that controls people's lives from cradle to grave. Yeah, it will destroy America as the "land of opportunity" but who needs equality of opportunity when you can have equality of result under the gentle guidance of politicians. Believing that the state knows how to run individual lives better than the individual shows GOOD INTENTIONS.

I hope that makes a few things clear.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

And we don't have good intentions.

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cmblake6 said...

Harsh obscenities in the general direction of the demoncrap mind.