Reality Check: About Those Bonuses...

Greetings puny Earthlings. Time for another REALITY CHECK.

The Democrats are still shitting kittens about AIG executives getting the bonuses that they, the Democrats approved as part of their bill. They're getting their minions (or are they masters?) from ACORN to take bus tours to the homes of executives to harass and occasionally threaten them and their families.

Now you're probably wondering why did the Democrats approve the bonuses in the first place only to turn on the idea and attack the people that are getting them.

Well it all starts with accepting something that you might consider counter-intuitive.

The Democratic Party is the party of Wall Street.

That's right, I know it's a mind blower, but that's because the "Barons of Wall Street" pretty much gave up on capitalism (too much work) to aim for a new system of plutocratic socialism. Plutocratic socialism is where billionaires and millionaires get their lifestyles subsidized by the small businesspeople and entrepreneurs who can't afford the elaborate tax-evasion schemes the super-rich use to hide their money.

These Plutocratic Socialists on Wall Street gave millions to pay for the Democrats campaigns, (Obama himself got over $100,000 from AIG alone) as well as using "bundling" schemes to funnel even more money secretly to the party. The deal was to get the federal goverment to take on all the risk wrought by the financial bubble that they created, while they kept the profits.

But when you deal with politicians there is always a catch.

They pushed for the bonuses, because they live for bonuses, and some can even make a case for the bonuses, without realizing that they would be used as a weapon against them.

Now you're probably wondering why the Democrats have turned on some of their very own paymasters.

Well the answer is simple, they're after bigger fish, and sometimes you have to toss some friends in the chum-bucket.

Right now the Democrats are hoping to socialize the country, and making voters completely and utterly dependent on the Democratic party and its largesse with taxpayer's money. The average American doesn't want that because it would mean high taxes, and little or no control over your own life.

The Democrats are also engaging in a foreign policy aimed to alienate allies, and embolden enemies. They think they can end terrorism by rebranding it into "human caused disasters" and hope that the next time a city gets a severe deduction in population, they can pass responsibility as if it was a natural phenomenon like an earthquake.

The American people won't like that.

These people need to be distracted.

So you get a parade of whores like Obama, Dodd, and Rangel, turning on their one time favourite customer. They're best case scenario is that some nut will take a shot at an AIG big-wig, so the news cycle can cover that 24/7 and ignore the fact that the Obama Administration couldn't find its own ass with a map and the help of a friendly bloodhound named Geetch, or that Democratic congress has gone completely bat-shit insane with earmarks and mad schemes of social engineering.

And that's why they won't shut up about the AIG bonuses.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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waltj said...

Best analysis I've read so far. Pump-fake, show fastball, throw change-up, keep the proles distracted and focused on tangential issues. Can't have the them asking embarrassing questions, now can we? That might upset the whole scheme.