Is it just me?

TekTak F.

Hi Earthlings, TekTak here, and I've been doing some thinking lately and there have been some things that are bugging me, and I'm sure if it's just me, or is there something going on.

So I have to ask...

IS IT JUST ME...or does the whole AIG bonus boondoggle seem like a set-up? I mean Rahm Emmanuel, Chris Dodd and Tiny Tim Geithner finagle some language into the bill to protect those bonuses, then they lead the charge against them. I mean I know hypocricy is born in the heart of Democrats, but this just strikes me as a cheap distraction from some of the other, even more expensive boondoggles they're sneaking by.

Yeah, the idiots who drove AIG into the ground don't deserve bonuses, so you forbid them bonuses in the bill, not later with threats of "punishment taxes" which brings me to my next question.

IS IT JUST ME... or does that whole bill of attainder to seize the bonus money via the IRS strike you as a trial balloon for something more sinister?

I mean if that bill passes, then it would literally erase centuries of legal tradition, and generally transform America into an oversized banana republic where the political elite can just seize everything from their "enemies."

Even if the bill doesn't pass, the seed has been planted, and with all the fertilizer they're tossing, it just might bloom into something stinky.

IS IT JUST ME...or do Democrats have a problem with people wanting to be allies? Look at their foreign policy, it can summed up with the phrase "screw friends, reward enemies." I mean they kiss up to Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea, but will leave Colombia, Brazil, Poland, India, and anyone else flapping in the wind.

IS IT JUST ME...or have the media, for the most part, just plain given up on any real journalism? I mean does anyone ask the Democrats any real questions?

IS IT JUST ME... or does Obama's addiction to the teleprompter show a certain lack of an essential leadership quality, which is the ability to think on one's feet?

IS IT JUST ME... or does a door to door campaign to pledge their fealty to a man above the constitution, to show support an agenda that no one has explained seem vaguely fascistic to anyone else but me?

Or am I being paranoid?

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cmblake6 said...

Nope, it's NOT "just you". Trial balloons? Mayhaps indeed. Time for v2.0? I'm beginning to think so.