Well, President Obama promised hope and change, and now we're seeing that he's changed into Jimmy Carter which pretty much destroys all your hope.

But onto today's topic...

Many are criticizing President Obama for bowing before the King of Saudi Arabia. Chief among those critics is the Saudi king himself, who said he was facing the wrong way when he bent over.

But seriously folks... let's take a look at what that bow means:

1. OBAMA DOESN'T REALIZE THAT HE'S NOW A HEAD OF STATE: Maybe it's the fact that he hasn't stopped campaigning since the November election, but he doesn't know that his office carries a certain level of dignity. I'm not saying that he should be rude to the Saudis (no matter how much they deserve it) but he shouldn't come across as a supplicant.

2. THE SAUDI MONARCHY DOUBTS THEIR OWN LEGITIMACY: Think about it, Queen Elizabeth is a royal head of state, but other heads of state don't have to bow before her. There are protocols to be followed, not that anyone is telling Obama what those are, but you don't have to bow.

The House of Saud demands that everyone, even other heads of state must bow in their presence. Why? Because they have oil, and are not afraid to use it to inflate their own standing, is one reason, but another reason is a sheer lack of confidence on their part.

They're like the movie star who constantly makes crazy demands not for any particular benefit, but solely to tell everyone of their own importance. And the person they're declaring their importance to the most are themselves. This is because unlike the British Monarchy the House of Saud are relatively thin in the history department, and even thinner in the achievement department. Even with the immense wealth from oil, all they've succeeded in doing is build monuments to themselves, fund terrorism, and have an increasingly unhappy population who see an army of princes living large while they're unemployed, and foreigners build and run their oil infrastructure.

They desperately need someone to pay some sort of obeisance to them, to justify their existence, and there's nothing Obama loves to do more than justify the existence of tyrants.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Anna said...

sorry......I don't believe this. You are supposed to courtesy to the British Royals....I never did. I worked for the Saudi Royals and lived in a palace there (as Interior Designer) and for 14 months I attended all dinners etc. Nobody bowed, and I was never expected to. In fact I was shocked at how welcoming they were, but in fact the family I lived with (as a guest and extended family member in their main home) actually robbed me blind...........and I finally left Saudi Arabia unpaid and only in the clothes I stood up in, and they stole 700 kilos of my belongings.

But as for bowing..................it was not the custom among the men or the women. In Saudi a man kisses the King...........depending on his importance.....either on the cheek, or the shoulder. That is Bedouin custom still carried on there.

Jay said...

Same here, although I never met the King, I was introduced to several members of the Royal Family while in Riyadh for projects I did for the Royal Air Force. I was never expected to bow, but the kiss on the cheek was a common greeting, not only in Saudi Arabia, but Turkey as well. And, when one of the locals wanted to introduce me to someone, the holding hands things (like President Bush did), was the norm...

As for a question, do you Moxargon, think that Obama actually bowed, or was Michelle approaching from behind and he thought she had the strap-on, and it was an instinctive reaction? You've been watching, I'm sure you have the correct answer...