The Leftist Mind: What Did They Know, & When Did They Know It...

Greetings puny Earthlings, time for a look into the Leftist Mind!!

Recently House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that she had no idea water-boarding was done, even though the records show that she did, and didn't object to it. Now other than just being a Democrat, one must wonder why she lied?

Well the answer is simple.

She did it because she is a leftist, and is plotting to make America a one party state.

You see the leftist cannot accept opposition of any kind, and must crush that opposition at all costs. First they marginalize, like calling tea-party-goers "racist," deriding them as "primitive," "mentally unstable," and "ignorant." Then the marginalization goes even further with comparisons to terrorists, (Napolitano anyone?) and then wrap it all up with criminalization.

The problem is that the only thing they might use to criminalize the opposition is the so-called "torture" narrative, and they supported water-boarding, which was derived from US military training, as the lesser of two evils for a planet without telepathic data extraction technology.

Now that they're in power, they need to make it torture in order to criminalize the opposition, so they have to lie, loud and often, to hide their hand in it.

Plus it allows them to use their pets in the media to hide all the other programs that whittle down your freedoms. Remember, the Leftist only cares about their own personal power, and will use any issue, any method to get it, and keep it, while crushing all who dare question them.

Why do you think they're leaking memos about water-boarding and other interrogation techniques, but withholding the documents revealing the intelligence they uncovered?

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