Once More Into the Breech!!


King of England

Hello the peasants in the land of the living, it's me Henry V, as in "the fifth."

I'd like to take a moment to talk about the country I used to rule, namely England, and the rest of Great Britain.

Specifically, what the hell is wrong with that bloody country?

There isn't drop of honour to be found anywhere in that wretched, drink-sodden, and corrupt little rock.

Members of Parliament are robbing the country blind, and the best anyone in power can muster is to criticize the people for complaining about the thieving!

Crime is rampant on the streets with drunken hooliganism happening so often that it's not even news anymore. And you can't trust the crime statistics, because the police have stopped recording crimes that might cause their numbers to go up.

The greatest ambition of many Britons is to collect welfare, spend it all on drink, and drugs to work up the courage to beat the royal piss out of someone for kicks.

Immigrants are being kept from become real citizens of England in the name of political correctness, thus creating a vast, increasingly radicalized underclass that's out-birthing everyone else.

Labour is a bunch of opportunistic political hacks who daily sign away fresh pieces of the nation's sovereignty and soul to the increasingly undemocratic European Union.

The Tories are so scared of being criticized by the socialist leaning media that they have become eunuchs when compared to the real and solid leadership of someone like me.

And the nutless wonders in Parliament are inspiring a rise of racist nationalists like the BNP.

This the country that beat the French at Agincourt.

(Yes, I know everyone's beaten the French since then, but back then it was considered quite an achievement.)

This is the soggy little island that conquered a good chunk of the world, and laying the foundation for many impressive modern nations.

This is the country that was the last remaining democracy in Europe when the Nazis were rolling up Europe like a carpet.

All that was for naught.

And I blame the schools.

In schools, heroes are spat upon, because their existence offends the delicate sensibilities of some posh nob who are the self-appointed guardians of the working classes and ethnic minorities. Their achievements ignored, for fear that their immensity may hurt the self-esteem of a teenage thug in a hooded jumper.

When children are taught that nothing but negativity about their nation, regardless of their skin colour or religion, they are going to grow to value nothing beyond the next cheap thrill as worth fighting for.

If I wasn't already dead, I'd be heading down there to give the whole country a royal thrashing about the head and the ass where they keep it.

Bloody hell.

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cmblake6 said...

There are still many of us from before the programming started, and have taught our children the truth.