Random Reality Checks...

Greetings puny Earthlings. Time for some REALITY CHECKS!!!


I just read a piece about how Barack Obama's catamites have started covering events themselves When I read that, I realized the massive shit fit those very same mainstream media minions would have had if George W. Bush tried that.

They'd have been screaming "Propaganda!" "Goebbels!!" and "Worse than Hitler!" at the top of their lungs. Yet here is their Messiah giving them a chainmail fisting, and only Jake Tapper at ABC seems to have even noticed.

Tapper seems a bit confused, it's as if Obama is somehow unhappy with the undying adulation he's getting for free from the media, and wants the taxpayers to shell out for some more.

Now I have come up with what I think are also good reasons...

1. Obama doesn't like the way Chris Matthews' eyes wander, and where they wander to, if you know what I mean.

2. The event was right after lunch, and Obama didn't want Helen Thomas in his eyeline.

3. Obama didn't know that "Lady Huskies" was the name of the team, and not a description their size, and didn't want the MSM to know that he's the Sir-Mix-A-Lot of the White House.

4. Jake Tapper asks questions whose answers aren't on his teleprompter.


Nancy Pelosi stands by her slander of the CIA, thus damaging all of the spy agencies operations the world over, and some folks are saying that this is the beginning of the end for her career, but I disagree.

I'm pretty sure that this will all blow over in a month or two, and she'll still be the #3 power-player in Washington.


1. The media is pretty much in Pelosi's back pocket, and will eat her feces and call it ice cream.

2. Democratic voters don't care about ethics, national security, or even the dignity of the congress, all they care about is power, getting it, keeping it, and making sure no one else ever gets it.

Pelosi has power, and is planning to criminalize the opposition in order to keep power, so to the Democratic voters, that's all they need to hear. So they'll do everything to keep her in place.

Expect CIA Director Panetta to get crucified before congress for daring to act like an adult and do his job.

Keep watching the skies because we're watching you.
and shutting out the other minions in the mainstream media.

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cmblake6 said...

It is time for entities such as the CIA, FBI, etc, to honor their Oath.