Greetings puny Earthlings, time for a few reality checks.


Is Ahmadinejad really that stupid and declared himself the winner of the Iranian election mere seconds after the poll had closed?

I mean come on. When you rig an election, you have to give enough time to at least pretend to count them. Being able to maintain the pretense of democracy is one of the key skills any homicidal maniac dictator needs, especially when you're going to have actual living people run against you.

You can learn a lot from the Democrats. They can literally have armed men, dressed in the uniforms of an admitted terrorist group, standing in front of voting stations, get away with it, and the world press doesn't say boo.


Folks are still talking about Letterman's lame, and insulting joke about the teenage child of Alaskan governor Sarah Palin. This talk has exposed a grievous set of double standards in the media, and the acolytes of Obama.

If Letterman had said a joke where the punchline was "Chelsea Clinton's a whore!" It would not only be a bad joke, the media, feminists, and the entire Democratic Party machine would fall on him like a ton of bricks. And if Letterman's defence consisted of: "I was only calling her a whore because you can't prove to me that she's still a virgin," they'd be burning gap-toothed effigies in front of CBS headquarters, and congressional committees would be called to investigate, and the IRS would suddenly develop an interest in his finances.

But instead, Letterman, blinded by his own smugness, misfired a bad joke at the wrong daughter, knowing that the bulk of the mainstream media would back him up.

The thing is, both cases, the fictional attack against Chelsea Clinton, or the all too real attack on Willow Palin, would be wrong.

They are the children of politicians, they are not politicians themselves, and don't deserved to be attacked like that.

Of course, Letterman slandering Chelsea would never happen. He knows he would be skinned alive by the very same people he sees every weekend at the Hamptons. He went after Palin, and her daughter, it doesn't matter which one, because he is essentially nutless, and assumed that since she is just a governor of Alaska and doesn't spend her weekends in the Hamptons with the rich and the powerful.

He was honestly surprised by the sincere reaction of real people, not just special interest groups, that hit him. And while his ratings may have bumped upward recently, that has more to do with gawkers watching a car wreck than looking for classic comedy.

Another thing is the general double standard the left associates to all things Palin. Take a look at this comment on the MovieLine website:

Old No. 7 said:
And we, the american public, accept Sarah's apologies for parading her pregnant unmarried daughter (with baby's father!) around the campaign trail under the guise of traditional conservative family values.

Hypocritical bitch.
Now think about this for a moment.

I would bet Skardarian sugarwads to Momgarian slimesticks that if Bristol Palin, & her Baby-daddy, didn't attend the convention, and the handful of other photo-ops and TV appearances that they did do, his comment would have been:
Old No. 7 said:
And we, the american public, accept Sarah's apologies for cruelly banishing
her pregnant unmarried daughter (with baby's father!) from the campaign trail under the guise of traditional conservative family values.

Hypocritical bitch.

Because to the eyes of someone like "Old No. 7," nothing Sarah Palin does can ever be anything but evidence of some evil intent. Sure, attacking a teenage girl on national television is probably just fine by him, as long as it's done in the service of the correct political party.

Palin could cure cancer, and this fellow would join a "Save The Tumor" movement and march alongside Janeane Garofalo and probably Letterman himself, if all he had to do was smirk and pick on children.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Random Walker said...

Come on, give Ahmeddumbjihadi some credit, unlike Sodom or Baby Kim he didn’t declare 99% support. He was pretty modest in his fraud. From his perspective he must be wondering why his ingenious plan didn’t work.

cmblake6 said...

Just like Osama, er, bama!