Testing... Testing...

Well, who knew that Joe Biden, who has the comparative brain power of a turnip, would turn into a prophet. He said that President Obama would be tested by the world's petty tyrants and terrorists, and guess what, he is.

And I don't think he's studied for these tests.

You got North Korea threatening to lob a missile at Hawaii, Obama's home state, on the 4th of July. Plus you have Ahmadinejad rigging an election so he can keep frigging up his country for another term.

And what has Obama done in response?

Well in the case of North Korea, he has ordered some ships to Hawaii, and put the defence forces there on alert, in the hopes that they might intercept the missile if it actually works.

But he seems to have forgotten something.

Which brings me to a little parable from my own experience.

In the Hoon system on the fringe of my empire is a piss-ant little planet called Valhoon. Valhoon was technologically backward, dirt poor, and had a government that couldn't organise a shag in a brothel. But they had a leader named Nudsak, who thought that he was the rightful ruler of the universe.

Nudsak started building and testing war-ships, and threatening to nuke the neighbouring planet of Yolhoon unless the Known Universe declared him the rightful ruler.

So I sent a message back. It was a simple and direct message explaining that not only will my forces intercept and crush his piss-ant little fleet, I would kill him.

Not bomb his planet, or even invade. I would kill him, Nudsak, personally, and painfully.

Because that's how you have to talk to these kinds of dictators. They don't care about their people, and won't lose a wink of sleep if they get slaughtered, they only care about themselves.

Now I'm not saying that President Obama should go to Pyongyang and personally skin Kim Jong-Il alive, and keep him alive on life support so Kim can watch Obama eat his heart, because I doubt Obama has the street fighting skills or the retractable claws for the job. But if he launches his missile, a cruise missile in the window of his presidential palace might do the trick, even if it doesn't kill him. Remember, the North Korean people are raised to view Kim Jong-Il as a near deity and his Stalinist slave state as eternal.

Reducing his palace to a smoking hole does wonders for teaching people about their own mortality.

Now let's look at Iran.

Right now the woefully unpopular Ayatollahs of Rock and Rollas are threatening their own people 6 ways from Sunday because they dare to expect elections to actually result in people getting elected.

The theocracy is on thin ice. Rumours say they don't trust their own army and Revolutionary Guard, preferring the services of their own Basij Militias, topped off with imported thugs from Hamas, and Hezbollah.

It's a lot like the communist government in Poland in the 1980s, they oppressed everyone brutally, but lacked the military loyalty needed to go full Tianneman on their own people. Reagan played it masterfully, promoting the pro-democracy Solidarity movement, while avoiding any direct armed confrontations.

What has Obama done?

Well, he said nothing for days, then he sort of, kinda, maybe, offered some sort of, kinda, maybe tentative support behind the people on the streets, but then backed off, worrying that it sort of, kinda, maybe might destabilize Iran.

A destabilized Iran is just what you want.

A stable Iran is a terrorist supporting, nuke building, neighbour threatening basket case that exports more misery than oil.

An unstable Iran, can't support terror, build nukes, threaten neighbours, or export the misery its masters seem to love so much. Suddenly Hamas and Hezbollah can't bomb innocent women and children like they used to, and their political armor starts to break up. This will take the pressure off the democracy of Israel, and the nascent democracy sprouting in Lebanon.

However, Obama is, above all things, a Democrat.

Being a Democrat means treating enemies better than friends, which means no concrete support for real democracy in Iran, or the neutering of its terrorist catamites, because Democrats are scared that some bearded weirdo in a basement in Qom isn't going to like them.

So expect an already nutless foreign policy to get much more nutless.

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cmblake6 said...

Slimy dribble of pork tripe simply needs exactly what you just mentioned for Kim Jong. GLCM through the front window.