When Is A Coup Not A Coup?

Greetings puny Earthlings.

The Obama Administration has condemned the ouster and exile of Honduras' now former President Manuel Zelaya by the Honduran military, calling it a military coup.

But is it?

Let's look at the facts:

1. Manuel Zelaya was trying to subvert the country's democratic institutions in order to rewrite the constitution to keep himself in power. Plus he was doing it with the help of Hugo Chavez, the Clown Thug In Chief of Venezuela, who was apparently shipping in ballots to Zelaya to justify this exercise.

2. The Military didn't put Zelaya in front of a bullet riddled wall, with a blindfold and one last cigarette, or hung him by his heels from a lamp-post so children can use him for target practice. Instead they put him on a plane and sent him to Costa Rica. Sure, they pantsed him, but that's apparently in the constitution as part of the impeachment process.

3. The Military wasn't acting on its own. They were enforcing an order from the country's Supreme Court, and Congress. Usually military coups are just the military acting on their own.

4. The Military didn't install a junta of generals in the presidential palace, instead they passed the Presidency on to the next civilian in the line of succession, the Speaker of the Honduran Congress.

Well, it looks like something happened, but I'm doubting that it was a full fledged coup.

So why is the Obama administration so upset?

Because he felt some sympathy for Zelaya.

Look at the 3 main facts:

1. Zelaya won election by a much more narrow margin than the Mainstream Media lets on.

2. His administration was rocked by constant scandals of incompetence, corruption, and attempts to expand presidential power beyond the constitutional limits.

3. His wasted lots of time kissing Hugu Chavez's pimply ass.

Add a few trillion in debt, and they'd be twins.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Anonymous said...

Everything I read on this site makes perfect sense. Truly out of this world!!!

cmblake6 said...

Well of course Osamabama supports him. They are cut of the same cloth.